He Was A Skater Boy.

Jacket: Warehouse
Top: Mee Mee
Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Zara 

So I recently made a 00's playlist on Spotify. It includes all my fave songs from growing up, from cheese, to emo/angst songs. It reminds me of my teenage years and well I think I may have been listening to, too much of Avril Lavigne ( yes you can't have a 00's playlist without a bit of Avril) as I feel this outfit is very much inspired haha. Well minus the tie obviously.

As you may know, I have been living in ripped jeans, and well I think I counted the other day, I have two pairs sans rips. I know, who'd of thought it. However with the now cold weather we are having, my poor knees are getting very cold, oh and I also keep forgetting about the fact my knees are showing so when I do a lazy fake tan (top half only) I forget and then I have pasty knees. However ripped jeans problems over (hey maybe that's an idea for a gif post. lol just joking. kind of) I still love them, and I will still continue to. I've been getting into more casual wear this year, and tees and checked shirts are something I am wearing a lot of lately. This shirt is from Primark and it's actually from the men's department. I know, officially dressing like a boy. But I loved the print and colours, this tee is from Mee Mee and I love the vintage effect of it. I feel it almost has that band tee vibe about it but not if that makes sense. As I feel I can't really pull of the whole band tee thing.

Then we move onto my new boots. (Que the angels singing hallelujah) I found these on the Zara website for in my opinion a bargnious £29.99. Now I did say, I wasn't going to buy any heeled boots this year, but in my defence, the boots I bought last year and love, have a Frankie shaped bite mark out of the front of them. Yes my boot is missing a chunk. I wore these to the Kim Kardashian event, and realised I needed to get new boots, I mean people may think that I got hungry and took a bite. It's too risky. However I thought these were a good price, and I love the design of them. I feel they're very tumblr. I don't know how I've got to that impression but we'll roll with it.

I wore this outfit, to a trip to Salisbury, Christmas Shopping, and we found this park on the way back (as we couldn't find the cathedral for pretty pictures, and it was raining) and found this rather colourful skate park. I feel everything is getting a little Avril Lavigney, but I loved the colours and thought it may be a slightly different background to the usual trees, that I stand next to.

So this is my current casual attire, layers, and men's clothes. My next mission is to find a winter coat, I am struggling, I tell ya. Any fellow petite ladies, shout out if there's any coat recommendations!


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