Layering Necklaces

Back in the day, I used to be all about a statement necklace. The chunkier, the better and I swear that some of the ones I owned, probably weighed as much as I did. However long gone are those days, and I now favour towards more dainty, delicate necklaces. But recently, I have been opting to layer these sort of necklaces, and I have three from Astrid & Miyu, that i cannot get enough of right now.

I have professed my love for Astrid & Miyu before, I love their jewellery, and feel they are different to a lot of other jewellery brands as the pieces are unique and well so pretty. I always fall in love with so many pieces whenever i visit their website! I have the wishbone necklace, which is the longest out out of the three, I find that when it comes to layering, it's better to have necklaces of different lengths for layering. The wishbone is the longest, then I have a evil eye necklace which Henry says, it reminds him of the Big Brother eye and finally a cute diamante moon. The three necklaces look really good together and liven up boring outfits (which lets be honest is my wardrobe)

I think I'll definitely be buying more necklaces like this in the new year :) do you like layering jewellery?

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