20 something girl problems...

As I've mentioned before, last year I had a bit of a quarter life crisis. One of those moments when you realise your age and just aren't sure what you're supposed to be doing with your life. Luckily I'm out on the other side, and feel confident enough to let things be. I'm pretty sure that things will figure themselves out and I just need to stop worrying about things that I can't control. However I thought this might be a fun post to do, and these are problems and thoughts I have most days. I hope you enjoy it too :) 

I really thought I'd of figured where I want my life to go by now.

If an avocado asked me to marry it, I think I probably would.

I wonder what my future children will look like. I hope they inherit my good parts.

Actually liking being ID'd. YES I STILL LOOK YOUNG.

You suddenly don't understand words that young people are saying. What exactly is bae?

You roll your eyes every time a new engagement is announced on Facebook. Not because your jealous or not happy for them. I just dunno. Gets annoying.

You have to work out and watch what you eat to stay slim. SKINNY THIGHS WHAT HAPPENED?

Changing your style over and over. WILL I EVER DECIDE WHAT I WANT MY WARDROBE TO LOOK LIKE?

But then feeling like a grown up when you master the art of the capsule wardrobe. Spend more. Buy less. Yes.

I know I should know how mortgages work. But seriously, I'd understand you more if you spoke in Latin than about equity loans and surveys.

When your parents have a better social life than you do. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

Arranging to meet your friends is like an impossible task. Someone is always busy. You basically have to arrange for a coffee three months in advance.

Why do pregnant people post an ultrasound scan as their profile picture? Does getting pregnant mean you automatically turn into a scan picture? WTF. You then say to your BFF, please slap me if I ever do that.

Can I justify this Topshop order? I promise I'll just eat beans for the rest of the month.

Why do so many people do drugs? What does it seriously do? I mean I can't even take a Pro Plus without feeling edgy. 

I literally can't get over how hot the Jenner sisters are. Why didn't i look like that at 19 and 17?

Is it okay to have a crush on members of boybands? I'm saying yes...?

There are many other things i think every day, but these are just a few things that I do think, but it's all a bit of fun! To being in our twenties.. yay.

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