Hair Tool Week #2 Ghd's

ghd hair straightners

Next up in my second instalment of Hair tool week, is a hair tool that many of us probably own already. The classic ghd's. They stand for good hair days don't you know? I've been a fan ghd's since I was about 13, I traded in my yellow and white crimpers *anyone else have them? Though they won't be making a appearance on hair tool week, I'm afraid* and bought my first pair. I got the thick iron ones and then a few years later, I got the pair that I still use now. I find that you really can't go wrong with a pair of ghd's. Yes they seem pricey at first, but they last for such a long time. I've had mine a good three/four years and *touch wood* they're still going fine.

They heat up in thirty seconds, though I'm sure the newest ones are even quicker now and have a auto shut down, so no more worrying when you get down the road, when you suddenly think ' DID I LEAVE MY STRAIGHTENERS ON?' I never have done, I don't know why I always panic about it. I usually tend to straighten my hair on days when I've just washed it, my hair is naturally quite straight, so it takes me less than five mins to straighten my hair. Of course if you're a bit of a dab hand with the ghd's you can also create curls and waves. I'm a bit cack handed with this, so I leave my ghd's for just straightening.

I tend to sometimes steer away from straightening my hair as I find it can make my hair a bit flat and well you guys know I don't like flat hair. To stop this happening, I only straighten my hair from the mid sections of my hair, so that the roots aren't completely flat and straight. I also always apply some dry shampoo to my roots to give them more texture and volume. To just finish off the look, I tend to not brush my hair after straightening to give it more texture and a lived in look rather than polished and straight.

To me ghd's are like a old friend, something you can rely on, and I don't think I ever need to try another straightener brand, why? Because if ain't broke, don't fix it.

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