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Little fact for you, I didn't try proper American pancakes until 2012. Yes that's right, I went without those fluffy, godly breakfast items for 21 years of my life. Shocking. I had them for the first time in NYC, I almost died and then I ate them every day for breakfast for the next 14 days. I have never mastered making fluffy American style pancakes at home, though I am going to try and re create for upcoming pancake day, but for now, I tend to leave them to the experts and order them whenever I can when I go out for breakfast. 

Last week, I went back home and it was also my sister Hayley's birthday, to celebrate we went to Chester and visited Hickory's an American smokehouse restaurant for breakfast. We went there last year and loved it and couldn't wait to go back. Hickory's is situated down by the river in Chester but it's literally a five minute walk from the centre. It serves an array of dishes, from breakfast, to smokehouse lunch and dinner. We've been there for dinner before and let me tell you, their BBQ pulled pork is something else. But today we are talking pancakes, stick to the schedule Corrie. 

First of all, I may of put in a note about it being Hayley's birthday on the reservation I made, and very kindly they seated us in a private booth, with balloons which is a really lovely touch and made our breakfast that bit more special. We ordered drinks, and there was free coffee for a start, but because I am a brat, I asked if it was possible to have an Iced Coffee, as I couldn't see the option on the menu but they very kindly told me they could make one up for sure (Princess Corrie) My sister had a salted caramel milkshake which she said was amazing. 

Both my sister and I ordered pancakes, mine came with bacon and maple syrup, which sounds like a really weird combination but is actually so good, and my sister had blueberry compote, a lot healthier. My mum had a sausage, egg and cheese muffin with home made potatoes, which I may of stole a few of in return for a pancake. A fair swap I would say. 

The pancakes were fluffy, light, the bacon was well cooked, with a smokey flavour and the maple syrup was just the right temperature, I hate it when they serve cold maple syrup. All in all, we all enjoyed our breakfasts, and I won't lie, I did have to unbutton my jeans. But that's always the sign of a good meal right? RIGHT? 

I would definitely recommend visiting Hickory's if you are ever in Chester, I desperately want to go back in the evening sometime as they have alcoholic slush puppies. This excites me greatly. Where's your favourite place for pancakes? 

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