Winter Beauty Videos.

Now that I have more time to make videos and create content for my blog, it also means I have a lot more time to take on more opportunities, that I may not have had time for before. Recently, I have been working with YouTube channel Pose to make a beauty series. I've been lucky enough to work with them in the past for an Autumn beauty series, and they asked if I'd like to create a Winter series too. I of course jumped at the chance and the last in the series went up last week, so I thought I would just blog about them, in case you'd maybe like to check them out.

Even if you're not interested, definitely go check out the Pose channel, as there's lots of great videos on there from other YouTubers and celebrities too. The videos that I created for the winter series are ;

  • Back To Work Beauty Essentials 
  • New Year Beauty Resolutions 
  • My Top Beauty Trick 
  • My Top 4 Eyeliners 
  • My Top 4 Products for Flawless Skin 
  • Date Night Handbag Essentials 
  • 5 Low Cost Beauty Heroes 
  • Top 3 Products for Battling Pores 

I hope you like the videos, and I'm actually in the process of doing a Spring series too, so I'll be blogging about them soon when they're all uploaded :) hope you're all having a great week so far, halfway through the week already! Hoorah! 

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