Decorating My iPhone With SkinnyDip + Free iPhone Wallpapers

My love of phone cases started with my first ever phone. I had a Nokia 3310, and it was amazing. I'd top it up with £5 credit every Saturday, and would charge it once a week. I would carefully compose ring tones (I was always a pro at Sugababes songs for some reason) and I had a high score on Snake considering I was 12 and didn't really have much of a life outside of school. But apart from all that, the one thing I loved about my 3310 was my phone case. I remember buying a Penelope Pitstop silver and pink case from Carphone Warehouse for £9.99. That was when my phone went from boring navy Nokia to snazzy and sassy girly phone case. Ever since then, I have always searched high and low for cool phone cases. So when Skinny Dip asked if I'd like to try a couple from their range, I jumped at the chance.

SkinnyDip  are a cool brand which stocks cool accessories such as phone cases, bags and tech cases in stores such as Topshop and River Island. With a cult following, and designs that look like they've just come off Tumblr, I was stuck for choice at all the pretty cases. I opted for two; first of all this glittery Paris case*, which is adorned in head to toe glitter. It's pink, it's girly, it makes me feel like Paris Hilton. I love it. With a gold outer case, the case also protects against bumps and drops of your phone and after both Henry and Frank have knocked my phone of the sofa this week, it's survived in tact. PHEW.

Secondly, I couldn't resist this cute popcorn case*, with cute pink striped popcorn with googly eyes, I thought it was incredibly cute but also eye catching too. I loved it and thought it was really unique and funny. I also amuse myself by shaking the googly eyes cause obviously I am 23 going on 3.

With the outside of my phone looking swish, it was then time to find a new wallpaper for my iPhone. With the great response from my collection of free desktop wallpapers, here is some free pretty iPhone wallpapers :) Don't forget to download them from the links :)

It kind of makes me mad that my phone is now better dressed than me. Ha ha.

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