Girl Problems.

Ah being a girl. It's fun right? But also a bit of a nightmare too? I was thinking the other day about girl problems/things. I was laughing away to myself and thought 'this would make a great GIF post' and well here we are! Hope you enjoy :) 

The feeling when you've just shaved your legs.

How you feel when you've just had your eyebrows done.

Freshly painted nails. Am i right ladies?

Walking into Lush. LET'S BUY ALL THE BATH BOMBS. 

When someone says 'you don't need anymore make up/clothes/shoes/handbags' EH? No such thing!

The struggle of tying your hair up and the bobble/elastic/hair tie which will only wrap round twice and it's not tight enough.

Periods. A man obviously thought of them didn't they.

When guys get annoyed cause you have PMT. ALRIGHT THEN, YOU HAVE A PERIOD AND SEE IF YOU CAN COPE.

Shaving in the shower should definitely be a task on The Cube. The positions you have to get into, and the joy if you don't accidentally cut yourself.

The feeling of taking your bra as soon as you get home/at the end of the day. FREE THE BREASTS.

The lifelong debate of my heart is saying pizza and chocolate and my head is saying Victoria's Secret model body.


Never being able to decide on a hair colour. Dyes it light- I want it dark. Dyes it dark- I want it light.

When the sun comes out and it's bare legs weather. You put on a dress, walk out feeling like a summery goddess. Realise you haven't shaved your legs. Agh!

When you're hungry and someone asks what you want. I CANT DECIDE. 


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