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Hey hey. I thought that today, I'd just sit down and have a little natter about what's been going on lately. First of all we're now in May, which is a bit mental. May is set to be an exciting month for me and keep your eyes peeled on here, YouTube and Instagram, for pics and videos of what I'll be up to. When I started my blog five years ago, I never imagined I'd get a free Barry M nail polish never mind a trip to somewhere across the world. I am terribly lucky and excited that I am getting to do new and exciting things that one day I can tell my Grandkids about.

So life. Basically we had some sad news recently within Henry's family. Sad news always makes you think about life and well how short it is. Always go visit grandparents and family members as sadly they won't always be around for next time. We're doing okay though, Frank is doing a pretty good job of cheering Henry up if he feels sad!

Talking of Frank, it won't be long till he turns two which is mental right? I won't be able to call him a puppy anymore, although I think I'll always call him my puppy cause he is my little baby haha. He's been a good boy recently, we had an episode with the smoke alarm *typical me burning the dinner* and he freaked out a bit. So we discovered Frank doesn't like the smoke alarm which is good to know. He's still pooing where there's a load of people, and chasing birds so still a bit of a terror now and then.

Work wise, things have gone from being really quiet to super busy. I am glad I took advantage of the quiet times to get up to date with posts and planning for videos as now I'm a bit stressed about getting everything done. But I'm sure it'll all be dandy in the end. I am feeling a bit more positive about my blog again which is a bloody relief. I feel I am finally writing posts that I want to write and I feel the aesthetics of my blog are coming together. I need to work on my vidoes again I think, it's hard to focus on both at the same time, I always find I'm invested in my blog or videos at one time, never both.

But yeah I am feeling more positive about that which is good. It's really hard when you get in a rut and just compare yourself constantly to other bloggers and vloggers, it's really not great to do that. I have found taking a break, finding inspiration and just writing and filming what you want to see is the way to go.

I also recently completed another series of videos for Pose Beauty on YouTube. I created a Spring series which you can see here if you'd like to see some more videos. Lots of beauty content on there if that's what you'd like to see :)

Music wise, I cant get enough of these two playlists on Spotify. This intense focus one is great for when you want to get shit done. I find it so relaxing and well I actually whizz through my to do list so that's always good. The second is perfect for when the sun is shining and actually makes me feel quite cool when I listen to it and well we all know I'm not cool. ha Ha.

Well I best go now and stop rambling, but I hope you're all well and are having a good start to the month :) see you soon! x

Btw just wanted to say, I am always so grateful for the nice comments you always leave on my blog and videos, and I just wanted to say thanks for those as when I have my stressy days they really cheer me up and keep me motivated :)

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