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I could be totally off the boat here, but I hope that this post still comes in time for those of you who are currently wading through a sea of exams and deadlines. It seems quite surreal that this is my third year away from any of that. Boy do I not miss the dreaded time of May-July.

If you're either at school, college or university, I know how stressful this time can be. You are put under the most huge amount of pressure. I'm so lucky that my parents were really cool when it came to school work, yes they always wanted me to do well, but never pressured me into doing anything or nagged at me. They knew that I couldn't revise 24/7 and this worked well for me, as if someone tells me to do something, I am very stubborn as I won't do it. #toddleratheart.

But I know from friends, that some parents aren't like this. And if yours are like this right now, don't worry, they're only doing it cause they care about you. If you're feeling really stressed, don't worry as this phase will be over soon. It will be summer soon, or you'll be finishing school/college/university and it will all be over. I can't even tell you the sigh of relief I breathed when I handed in my last piece of work for university. I literally felt like 6325364 kg had been taken off my shoulders. You will get this feeling too.

Although, I haven't been in the revision/essay writing game for some time, I thought that I might write a post to just talk about some things that I found helpful when going through exam/deadline hell. I hope it helps, and just remember all you can do is your best, you cant do anymore than that.

  • Buy fancy pens. So this is totally not an essential but I loved buying new coloured pens and highlighters for revision. I would make really colourful notes which would stick in my brain better and I would be excited to use said new pens. I mean you may have a life, and not find this interesting at all, but I found this a good way to make me revise. 
  • Write everything down. I could never revise just by reading stuff. I had to write it all down. Write it down in bullet points, so it's easier to remember and writing it down again and again will help it stick in your brain. I have the attention span of a pea, so I could be reading something but actually thinking and concentrating on what I wanted for my dinner. 
  • Write on cards/coloured paper. I used note cards and then would take these round with me. With words and short sentences, I found these the best to look at either when I was on my way to school/college and a quick glance at before bed... etc... 
  • Don't Do An All Nighter! There's no point. Get yourself some sleep and your brain will work a lot better. 
  • Think Of Funny Ways To Remember Things: Some things in my exams would remind me of songs, or people, or films, and I would relate them to that. So that when I was in that exam room, I'd remember them. 
  • Don't Procrastinate: Work in a calm, quiet room with no distractions. I found writing essays a lot easier in the library at uni. There wasn't a TV for me to watch and cause everyone was around me, I felt people would judge me if I was sat there on Facebook. I would go in early in the morning or between classes and try and get as much done as possible. 
  • Use A Website Blocker: During my last year of uni, when I had my dissertation to write and several other projects, I used a temporary website blocker to block the likes of Facebook and Twitter. This would mean I couldn't be distracted on these sites. I would then say to myself, right these are blocked for an hour, work for an hour, then you can look at them for 10 minutes before going back to work. 
  • Have Breaks: Take yourself away from your books and laptop, shut them down, and go for a walk, or go into another room. Take breaks every couple of hours and trust me you'll feel a lot more refreshed and ready to start work again. 
  • Don't Stress: Easier said than done, but don't stress about it all. It will all work out, and honestly if you don't do well it really doesn't matter. Don't put pressure on yourself. Although exams and deadlines are important, once you get into a job they don't matter too much anymore. So don't worry too much! 
  • Get It Done Early! Don't leave everything till the last minute, you will only stress yourself out. Try to not do all nighters, do everything a bit often in the lead up to deadlines, so you will feel less stressed and more confident. 
  • This Isn't Forever: going through hell right now? Don't worry, this won't last forever. Yes the next few weeks may be a bit stressy but once it's all over you can relax and watch all the Netflix you desire. 

I know the feeling oh too well of revision and deadlines. On the day of exams, get there in plenty of time, relax and take a bottle of water (if you're allowed) with you. Take your time and don't rush. If there's anything you don't understand, just go back to it. You'll be fine trust me. 

For deadlines, just chill and make sure you have everything ready. Make sure you hand it in, in plenty of time, and don't forget to proofread before obviously. 

I hope that if you have exams and deadlines right now, that they go well. I'm sure they will do cause you're all clever clogs anyways. But good luck, and remember don't stress!! 


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