What Summer Is Like In The UK.

It's May, which means we're kind of nearly into summer territory here in the UK. Usually between the months of March-October, we can be prone to all sorts of weather. From sunny beach days, to dark cold miserable days. We really do have it all here. We've already seen some sun, and the weather forecasters keep predicting that we may have a three month heatwave. Though they do say this every year, and every year we look out to rain and feel rather disappointed. I do find Britain funny, and you should definitely read Very British Problems  on Twitter. You will lol a lot.

Anyways. You guys know me, love a GIF post and Monday's are GIF post day, so why not do a UK summer problems post. Hope you enjoy, and if you don't live in the UK you can have a good old laugh at us Brits.

Checking the weather forecast repeatedly every hour to see what temperature it'll be that day/tomorrow/the weekend. Then basing all your life choices on this and getting ruddy annoyed when the weather isn't what it says it will be. YOU LIED WEATHERMAN YOU LIED.

Though it's quite common for parts of the UK to have completely different weather to other parts. You then get out your frustration by venting on social media. "AGH WHERE IS THE SUN?'

Stripping as soon as there's a bit of sun. Anything over 17 degrees means, shorts and vests out. However men if you are reading this... you only go topless on a beach. Not on the streets of Britain.

Having several conversations at work in the morning of 'lovely weather today isn't it?'

Contemplating whether or should I say weather (Ha Ha terrible pun I'm sorry)  it's worth getting a fan for those three nights of the year where it's incredibly hot and sticky. 

Wearing summer clothing for the whole of the summer-because it's summer. ' I don't care if it's torrential raining right now, I'm wearing my sandals.'

Having to make a gesture with your hand to make sure everyone knows just how hot you are. 

Seeing the beach littered with a sea of lobster red people. Guys don't be Sebastian from the Little Mermaid's cousin, WEAR A HIGH PROTECTION SPF!!!

Public transport is literally like a sauna. You lose about a stone in weight from sweating so much when you take the tube.

When it starts to get lighter at nights, and even though this has happened every year since you've been alive, you still have to go on social media or say 'I cant believe how light it is still.'

Having a BBQ for tea every night.

Buys 12 crates of Pimms when the sun starts shining. Soon there is a Pimms shortage. It's like the hose pipe ban but worse. 

Going for a lovely picnic, before coming over with hay fever and becoming one big ball of snot/attacked by hoards of insects.

Pub gardens become busier than Clapham Junction. 

Ah Summer.


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  1. So relatable for the london weather right now haha, made me laugh x


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