My 5 Fave Things To Watch On Netflix

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Netflix is like the popular kid at school at the moment aren't they? Everyone wants to spend all their time with them and well myself included.

So I basically spend any spare time that I have on Netflix. We have Apple TV (best birthday present EVER) so I'm always just basically glued to the TV, binge watching. It's not healthy and one of these days, I will end up looking like Chucky from the Rugrats (FYI which is also on netflix in case you were wondering.) 

So if you're like me and you want to kick back *what is kicking back and who actually does it?* and watch something on the telly without having to think, here is five suggestions for you. I've watched all these things on Netflix and no not one of them are niche, or anything you won't of heard of. I guess, I am the basic Netflix viewer, but I do have some documentaries that I want to watch so once I have watched those, I'll maybe pop a little more intelligent Netflix post. But hey what the heck anyways, it's Netflix let's not over think things.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- This is a Netflix exclusive series, it's only a short series with episodes that are 20/30 minutes long. My sister watched this and was like 'this series is so up your street' and she was so right. It's a good job she's my sister, or I'd of been a little freaked out at how well she knows me. Anyway, this is funny. Like to be honest, I have seen on social media that some people don't get this show, but I definitely got it. If you have a silly sense of humour, like light and fluffy things, then you'll probably like this. If you've ever thought, you're a little like me, you'll probably get it. The basis is that Kimmy was kidnapped as a teenager and kept with a few other women in an underground bunker for several years. The series starts as she's rescued and is embarking on her new life in NYC. It's very amusing, very easy to watch and the theme tune will remain in your head forever. So just a little heads up there.

Pretty Little Liars- Oh here we go, she's talking about PLL again. Okay I'll make this quick. If you are one of the few females it seems that hasn't been watching PLL and want to see what the fuss is all about, it's worth a watch. Yes it can be a bit fluffy at times, and the first season can be a bit cringe but get past all that and soon you'll be hooked. Just who is A? Where is Alison? It'll keep you up at night, I tell ya. It's a teen thriller basically, a little creepy in places but nothing too terrifying. Basically four teen girls are trying to work out where their friend Alison is, who has gone missing. Whilst she is missing, they are also being tormented by a mysterious person called A. So they are trying to find out who the bloody heck A is and where Alison is. It's like Midsummer Murders but with better looking people and not in a leafy village in the UK.

addicted to pretty little liars, best shows on netflix, gossip girl, Lifestyle, netflix, orange is the new black, pretty little liars, suits, TV, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, Youtube,

Orange Is The New Black- Okay another cult Netflix show, but a good un. Although the new third season isn't the most amazing, my only highlight was staring at Ruby Rose, so y'know that was nice. But definitely worth a watch, very funny, gripping and yeah you will soon start to think actually 'maybe I can make it in prison.' The answer is no, and I know I definitely wouldn't. Also it's definitely given me Halloween costume inspiration for this year.

Gossip Girl- I am obsessed with GG as you probably know by now. I watched since it started in the UK so when I was about 16/17, so it's nice to go back to the earlier seasons to refresh. I've probably watched this series all the way through about three times now. It can be a bit fluffy, but watch it for the amazing locations (NYC!) fashion, make up and all the life advice that Blair Waldorf throws at you. Also two words Chuck Bass.

Suits - Finally onto the thing that I have most recently been watching on Netflix. This is the least fluffiest out of them all, in fact Henry was watching this and I was just always pottering about doing work and then I ended getting hooked. So I've gone back to the first seasons to re watch, but it's about a law firm in NYC and it's just a good thing to put on. You don't need to think, it's not too fluffy or too dark, it's something you can watch with your other half, so y'know winner winner. You will get obsessed with either Harvey Spector/Mike Ross, you'll want to be as sassy as Donna and you'll want Rachel's hair. Just a warning for you there.

So there are my five top picks, of course there is millions of other things I watch on Netflix, but these have been recent faves! Let me know your top Netflix picks in the comments as I'll need something new to watch once I finish Suits! :)

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  1. I would completely recommend watching the US office if you haven't already. It's basically how I've spent my summer, I'm almost at the end of the final season (season 9). But yeah this show is hilarious and completely gripping once you get passed the first season.


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