Things That Show You're Not A Morning Person.

When I was little, my Mum asked me 'what was my favourite thing to do?' I replied 'sleep.' My Mum answered shocked ' shouldn't it be spending time with your family and friends?' I was like 'Nah it's sleep.' 

Fast forward about 18 years later, and things are still the same. I am a zombie. I love sleeping, and if I don't get enough sleep. Oohft, it's not pretty. I thought that there must be other people out there who like sleep a little too much, and voila a GIF post was born... okay, I'm going to go nap now. 

Before you go to sleep, each night you mentally work out how many hours of sleep you'll get. 

You firmly believe that the best thing in life, is not setting an alarm. 

You wake up thinking that if you're alarm is the devil. 

The snooze button is your BFF.

You always curse yourself for not going to bed earlier. 

Your most used phrase is 'just five more minutes.'

As you get out of bed, you're mentally working out how long it is till your next lie in. 

Sometimes the greatest achievement of your day is ' getting out of bed.' 

You sometimes feel you need a drip of coffee to wake up. 

This is usually how you eat your breakfast.

You seriously wonder how people can be so chipper and happy in the mornings. 

When people try to talk to you before you've had your coffee.

You spend your days just wanting to nap. 

All you can think about is your bed. 

Then it gets to 10pm and you're wide awake. BRILLIANT. the cycle starts again the next day. 


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