AW15 Beauty Trends at WestQuay Southampton

I’ve always been ‘that’ person who lists shopping as a hobby on my CV/job
applications. I used to think the books and film ‘Confessions Of A Shopaholic’ were indeed about me. Rebecca Bloomwood move over. However recently, I have been trying to save money, meaning that my shopping habit has to take a back seat (sob).

However with a recent payday and autumn looming (yes I’m also that person who wishes summer is over) I decided maybe it was time to treat myself to a few new beauty bits, you know push that boat out. I headed into town where I decided to go to my local shopping centre, WestQuay. One of my favourite places to shop! So in I went, armed with my allowance (yes I am 24 going on 84). I also recently discovered the new WestQuay PLUS app which I thought would be pretty helpful. The PLUS app tells you numerous things about the centre including maps, and the latest offers in the centre which I thought would be good for shopping and you know me, I like to be a Bargain Bill when I can.

I’d made a list of a few things that I wanted to get for A/W, after a spring and summer of being very safe with my make-up and using pretty much the same things, I decided that I wanted to switch things up a little. With trend reports and blog posts reporting on the latest beauty must-haves, I decided that the things that I definitely wanted to buy were: red lipstick, copper/bronze eyeshadow, a new glowy highlighter and finally to try the hair accessory trend. A few random things there that definitely aren't usually on my list, but you know what, after a recent change in hair colour and after my trip to NYC, I’m ready to try a few new things (What have you done with Corrie? I hear you ask).

So first of all using the PLUS app, I realised that one of the biggest places to get beauty products from was John Lewis. The beauty hall in John Lewis is definitely what beauty dreams are made of. With an array of brands such as Chanel, Laura Mercier, MAC and more, there is literally so much to choose from.

I headed to Estée Lauder first.  Whilst I was browsing for a lipstick, I found an amazing eyeshadow. This was the Pure Colour Envy Defining Eyeshadow in Decadent Copper. A shimmery, metallic copper/bronze which I thought would look ah-mazing with a smokey eye. I could see this paired with a dark brown eyeshadow with lots of eyeliner. I just thought it’d be the perfect autumnal smokey eye. I’ve never tried Estée Lauder eyeshadows before but from swatching it seems gorgeous, and I’m excited to have a play with it.

I then headed to MAC to find a red lipstick. I’m feeling a change in lip colours, and decided that I needed a good core red lipstick in my collection. I opted for Ruby Woo- one of MAC’s best-selling lipsticks. Also recently Taylor Swift announced that this was the lipstick of choice for her and, well, if it’s good enough for Taylor… I’m excited to try out a different lip colour, I’ve never really been a red fan, but I know I could pull it off with my hair and skin tone. I just need to get a little braver. New season, new make-up looks, right?

Next on my list was a new highlighter. My skin has been a little dry recently, so I wanted a new dewy highlighter. Looking at the PLUS app, I thought I would try The Body Shop as I keep hearing a lot of good things about their make-up range lately. Situated on the lower mall, I spoke to one of The Body Shop staff who was super helpful about all the new things that have launched recently. I decided to go for the Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome in Golden. A golden cream highlighter, which I thought would be perfect for adding along cheekbones and making my skin nice and glowy. Dewy, fresh skin is still set to be a huge trend this A/W so you don't need to worry about packing away the highlighters just yet. Phew.

Finally, I decided that I wanted to look at some hair accessories.  Yes, maybe I have been watching too many episodes of Gossip Girl recently, but taking inspiration from fashion houses such as Prada, it’s all about hair embellishments this season. Yes for re-creating Blair Waldorf's look. I went to New Look for hair accessories, picking up a hair embellishment clip which I thought would look amazing with a side parting and lots of curls, and then a couple of hair slides which I thought I could use when doing a half up, half down style.I thought these would look amazing with a really simple outfit. I don't really do an awful lot with my hair and I just thought these would make a boring outfit a bit more exciting. Blair Waldorf eat your heart out.

 After picking up a few new things for my make-up and hair collection for A/W, it was time for dinner. Using the PLUS app, I could see what restaurants were in the centre and, most importantly, who had some offers on. We opted for Handmade Burger Co. Both myself and Henry are pretty obsessed with burgers, so we decided to try it out as they were offering 20% off. I went for one of their mini burgers, which btw wasn't actually that mini, with a side of cajun chips, and Henry basically went for the full-sized version of my burger. '

Loaded with cheese, bacon and again some cajun chips. The burgers were pretty good and so filling! We enjoyed just sitting back and people watching, and it was actually quite nice to sit and have a meal out as we didn't feel like we were in a shopping centre at all. It was a nice change, and tbh without the PLUS app we probably wouldn't have known about the deal and may have just gone home with an empty tummy and well that wouldn't have been cool!

I’m excited to try my new purchases and also pretty happy after our burger stop, I was really pleased that I’d chosen to spend a few hours in WestQuay shopping and enjoying it. Both Henry and I said that sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s on our doorstep, so we've decided to make more of an effort to not take the local cool things around us for granted. 

So if you’re ever looking for somewhere to shop on the south coast, I can definitely recommend WestQuay.  But don't forget to download the WestQuay PLUS app before you go so that you can find your way around easily, and take advantage of the many super offers on there too.

Some current offers at the moment are:  

  •  £5 off at The Fragrance Shop. Take £5 off when you spend £30 or more at The Fragrance Shop WestQuay.
  •  2 for 3 on Make-up at The Body Shop. Buy any two products and get the third free at The Body Shop WestQuay. 
For now, I am off to try my new beauty purchases, a red lip eh, who would have thought it? Let me know what beauty trend you are trying this A/W :)

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