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I've become one of those people who has become obsessed with their desk. Okay that sounds weird, but one of my most pinned things- is desk inspiration.

Ever since, I started working from home, I have been pretty obsessed with having the perfect desk. Well basically having a desk which motivated me and made me want to work from it. Turns out that I have struggled getting this right, and just a couple of weeks ago, saw me have a desk refresh. If you're starting university and need a desk set up, or a new job, or perhaps you want somewhere at home to sit and do work at, here are some few tips that I have picked up from the past few months, and soon your desk will be #DeskGoals. Yep I just went there. I hate myself.

Okay so first we have to talk desks. The essential. Obviously. I picked up a pretty basic one from ikea, but have a look round and decide on what you want from your desk. Is it somewhere to work from? Somewhere with storage too? Somewhere you want to take blog photos on too? Lots of choices, and finding the right desk is a huge part of creating your perfect workspace. Homebase have a good selection of desk and office furniture right now, so I'd recommend having a little look on there.

Personally, I'd recommend a desk with a bit of storage- say a drawer at least so you can store things like stationery, and snacks, so it keeps the top of your desk looking tidy. I'd also recommend, keeping it with a simple colour such as white. But it totally depends on the colour theme in your room. I think something like this is perfect, as it has plenty of desk space for all your essentials as well as three drawers to house all your stationery, accessories and snacks, which means your work space will be less cluttered. You know what they say, tidy desk, tidy mind. Well I think that's how the saying goes.

Okay so now we get on to what to actually put on your desk. Personally, I'm all about keeping things simple. Mainly because I find tidy work spaces easier to work in, and help me be productive. So I find my favourite things to have on my desk are; a lamp, especially now that the evenings get darker earlier, it's good to have some lighting on your desk. I recently bought a huge copper lamp from Homesense, which I don't know if I'll keep on my desk, but for now it will remain there. It's great for lighting up dreary days. I just need to find a bulb for it!

Next up is just some general accessories, such as candles, flowers, etc... I'm currently loving this gold candle from H&M, it was £7, and I feel like it's quite Kate Spade inspired. I usually have a scented candle for times when I'm sitting editing for hours, if anyone has any recommendations for Autumn/Winter candles please let me know!

Then cause I'm a bit obsessed with flowers, I'm all about having a vase on my desk. Tbh, as much as I love fresh flowers, I do find fake flowers a little more easy to look after. These are also from homesense, and I feel the white peonies/roses make my desk look a little lighter than the previous pink flowers that were on my desk.

Then I have this initial mug, which instead of drinking coffee from, I house my pens and pencils in. Yep natural correlation there right?

Then finally, I have a few stationery bits like notepads in case I am some amazing idea to take over the world. I found this cute Kate Spade inspired gold notepad, which I am finding too nice to write in at the moment. Does anyone else do that when buy a new book, that they don't want to write in to straight away?

Then we have the other essentials such as my Macbook with the marble case that I literally cant get enough of. I would say I was basic, if I didn't think it was a pretty derogatory term.

Other things which could add life to your desk are; fairy lights, Polaroid's, inspirational quotes, dreamy stationery, oh and always make you have some kind of snack around your desk.

So there are a few of my desk essentials, what are yours?

* In collaboration with Homebase

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