Hello September

Hello, hello. I feel like I haven't sat at my laptop and blogged for a really long time. It's probably been two and a half weeks, which tbh is quite a long time in the blogging world, but I am back and ready for action. No I'm not tbf, I'm kind of in one of those states that you get in after you come back from your holidays, and you're like 'hmmm where do I start?'

So anyway, the reason for why I have been away is that I've been on holiday in NYC. You'll know this if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, cause I've basically inundated your feeds with NYC pics. #sorrynotsorry. I won't say too much right now, but the old elephant in the room that I can't not mention is that I got engaged out there! I know right? Henry was supposed to be at home with Frank and his sister, but turns out the whole thing was an elaborate plan and on the eve of our 6th anniversary, Henry waltzed round the corner at Brooklyn Bridge Park, overlooking the Manhattan skyline at sunset, with a ring in his hand.

I'm still not quite over it, and still overwhelmed by all the planning that was involved. Also at how bloody gullible, I clearly am, as I bought everything that everyone had told me! I'm going to do a separate post though on this, as I want to tell the story properly, and there will also be a proposal video/vlog too on my YouTube too, once I settle down to edit everything!

Engagement excitement over, NYC was pretty amazing. It truly is a great city, that is pretty overwhelming at times, but we saw so much and well ate so much too! I've got lots of photos and vlogs to edit, so I'll be getting them up as soon as possible, I am basically going to milk the NYC cow dry. Is that a saying? For some reason, I want to say milk the horse dry, but you can't milk a horse, so I think I'll just leave that there.

I don't really have an awful lot else new with me, I'm excited to get back to blogging and YouTube as before I went away, I was getting to the point where I was just getting annoyed with everything. I find that sometimes, it's very easy to think that the internet is what only exists, but it doesn't and sometimes you need to take yourself out of things to realise there is SO much more to life than your Instagram feed, or shady tweets, or how fast your subscribers grow.

I have decided though, that I want to change things up with my blog and YouTube. I want to create stuff that I am really proud of, so maybe things might be a bit quiet whist I get planning what I want to do, but I just keep thinking there's no point just churning out stuff for the sake of it, so there we go. Exciting times indeed.

Also it's now September! I'm very excited as I love Autumn. I love Autumnal fashion, I love cosy nights in, and candles, and blankets. So I am very exited that September is here and summer is drawing to a close. There's lots of exciting changes on the horizon, and I'm feeling very positive at the moment so that is good. For now though, I must go and tidy the house. I've still got stuff to unpack and i know that i won't be productive till the house is tidy. So I will love you and leave you now.

So how are you all? Sorry I have spoke about myself all this time, let me know the 411- that means gossip right?

Also thank you for all the lovely messages that myself and Henry received about our engagement, it was so lovely to see so many well wishes, it made us smile :)

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