Christmas Gift Guide For Teens

Just to warn you that this is only just the beginning of Christmas themed posts! Today, I am talking teens, what to buy the younger members in your family without losing cool points. I always remember when I was growing up that sometimes family members still thought of you as a child, whilst others always got it right. I thought I'd compile a teen gift guide, that hopefully will have at least one thing in it that will be perfect.

So I have divided presents into categories and hopefully one thing will be useful!

For The Teen Who Loves YouTubers:

Chances are if you have a young teen in your family, they will probably like YouTube. Maybe find out their favourite YouTuber as the chances are that at least one of them will have some merchandise out that you could get them. If they're a big fan of Zoella or Tanya Burr then you're in luck cause both  have a big beauty range that is perfect for presents. From pretty face palettes from the TB range, to make up bags and beauty products from Zoella's range, there is so much choice. My picks? The Tanya Burr nail polish which is really pretty, quite long lasting and comes in an array of colours (my ultimate fave is Duvet Day) and a few picks from Zoe's bath collection like the shower cream, bath fizzers and the cute make up bags. You could also see if they have any YouTuber's books, Zoe recently released Girl Online 2, and I loved Louise's aka Sprinkle of Glitter's book which was full of lovely confidence boosting tips for young girls.

For The Teen Who Loves Games:

If you're feeling a bit generous this Christmas, then why not treat someone to a Nintendo 3DS this year. Pair it with a game such as New Style Boutique 2 Fashion Forward, and you will have one very grateful and happy recipient. This would be the perfect present for anyone who loves tech, or perhaps has to travel a lot to college/university as this would be the perfect thing to keep you occupied on the train/bus! Also this latest New Style Boutique game would be perfect for any fashion or beauty loving teen as the game is based around you being the manager of your own fashion boutique. This is the third instalment in the fashion range, but looks to be the most exciting yet. The game also lets you play as other roles such as; model, stylist, make up artist and designer. It's absolutely perfect for the budding fashionista on your gift list whether it's your little sister, cousin or niece. The Nintendo 3DS also comes with interchangeable covers meaning you can swap and customise your 3DS to however you like, ( I love the very Kate Spade inspired polka dot cases) so this is totally perfect for any image conscious youngsters who can match their accessories all the way. I've had a little play with the game myself and it's mainly focused on styling characters who come into your shop and describe what they're looking for and you choose the perfect look for your customer. It's really fun though, and not at all childish, and could be perfect for any teen of any age. 

The game totally tends to mirror real life, and I noticed that a lot of the scenarios are the same that happen in the fashion industry today. I think it would be a great present for anyone who is looking to maybe have a career in fashion in the future as it teaches you a lot about the fashion world and what it takes to have your own business in retail/fashion. You can also take photos of your character and their outfit using the console and of real people too using the built in camera. Seriously cool. You can also unlock extra features using in game games, so you could lose hours playing as a boutique manager. 

As I type this, Tash (Henry's sister) is currently sitting playing on New Style Boutique 2- Fashion Forward game and I think I've lost her for the night ahah (early Christmas present maybe?) There's also a free demo on the 3DS shop if you want to try it before you buy, and already know someone who has a 3DS. Just saying, you'd win serious brownie points if you bought this for someone for Christmas. 

For The Teen Who Loves Beauty: 

If you know a teen who is just starting to get into beauty, or maybe has a beauty collection taking over their room, then places like Lush/Superdrug are your best bets for presents that will make teens go all heart eyed emoji. I love the Lush Christmas Collection, and always love buying bits from there for people's stockings. This Magic Wand/Luxury Pud/ and Star Dust are my faves this year. You could also buy palettes such as this one from Make Up Revolution which first of all looks amazing but is a mixture of different shades of eyeshadow which is perfect for teens just starting out to experiment with make up as it gives them a few shades to try out and decide what they like. You also have this amazing nail polish house from Avon, and the cool new Soap & Glory kits with minis which are perfect for students at uni. Also I bought some amazingly cheap Essie polishes from Fragrance direct this winter too!

Everything Else In Between: 

Other presents you can get for teens are; stationery, vouchers, make up lessons (places like MAC and Bobbi Brown are great for this) baking bits, jewellery and of course the old classic pyjamas.

My best advice for buying presents people is to just think what you'd like to receive. I think about what I'd have really loved to have got as a teen and then go from there when it comes to buying for my sister!

So what's on your Christmas list this year? What will you be buying any teens in the family?

*Sponsored post by Nintendo- but all opinions and thoughts are completely my own and honest. 

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