Christmas Homeware Wishlist

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! ONE MONTH TODAY!!! Sorry for the outburst there but I am so excited this year for Christmas, and well December in general. I have always loved Christmas, but this year I have a feeling it's going to be pretty more special than usual. For the past few years, Henry has only ever had two days off work, and well apart from last year, so I did I. Which meant for us 'Christmas' was over in a  whirlwind and well if you've worked in retail in the lead up to Christmas day, you will know that it does kinda suck all the joy out of the festive period.

Anyway, this year is a little different as Henry is changing jobs and I of course work for myself, and my boss this year is letting me have some time off over Christmas which y'know is really kind of her. So for once we can actually enjoy Christmas and we're also moving at the end of November, meaning we'll be closer to home and have a bigger place.

I'm so excited to decorate it that I could do a little excited wee, but I won't cause that's gross. We currently live in a pretty tiny house, which never leaves us with much room for decorations, we've always had to put the tree on a coffee table cause there's literally no floor space, and we've made it as christmassy as we could but this year, we'll have a much bigger room to work with and tbh I want it to look like Christmas has thrown up on the place cause why not.

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favourite pastimes, I remember doing it as a child, my Mum's house always looks like Santa's Grotto and we loved it. She has all these Santa's that sing and read stories and me and my sister would always continually press the button to hear them over and over again. I want that one day for my kids, so I want to start building on our Christmas decorations so that in years to come, we have this grotto too. I've been doing a bit of browsing cause y'know why not, and I've been finding a few bits here and there that I'm very tempted to get on order.

I just feel so excited for a proper family Christmas in a house with space, and I can cook Christmas dinner in a proper kitchen and we'll have a big enough sofa for all of us to sit on and I may have already bought all the Christmas film dvd's so we're ready to go once December comes around.

George at Asda has a lot of good homeware tight now, i mean they have seriously upped their game. Everything is so cheap, and I kind of want it all.

Can Christmas please hurry up!!


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