How To Relax/De Stress This January

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January is always what I call a bit of a wind down month. December is so busy and crazy that it just whizzes by in a blur of wrapping paper and quality street. So when January arrives, it's a good time to step back and take some time for ourselves. I mean just what is it about January that leaves us feeling so meh? Tbh it's probably a mixture of; the bleary weather, the empty space of where the Christmas Tree was, and feeling a bit rubbish about ourselves after all those pigs in blankets. However even though I've been feeling a bit rubbish recently, I've been trying to help myself to de stress and relax to try and make January less meh than usual.

Here are some things that I've been doing recently and let me know your thoughts on what you do to help with the January blues...

Step Away From The Computer/Internet/Phone: One thing that totally always makes me feel a bit better is disconnecting yourself from the laptop/internet. Social media which is constantly refreshing, and emails are always buzzing in and sometimes you have to just step away to clear your mind. Allow yourself a day away from the laptop/emails, or even just the whole night. Hide your phone away, put your laptop in a different room and I swear you'll feel a ton better. I had a few days away from the internet over Christmas and it made me feel so much better, my mind felt a lot clearer and ready to get going with some new inspiration.

Read: I love reading. I've always been a bit of a book worm, in fact most of my growing up included me with my nose in a book (usually some sort of Jacqueline Wilson story as she was a babe and taught me a lot about boys/life/etc...) but these days, there never seems to be enough time to read. To just sit still. I'm always like 'I don't have enough time!' The thing is that we can always make time. For Christmas, I received the Caroline Flack autobiography, and I took some time over Christmas to just sit and read it. It really got me back into reading and I loved just sitting getting wrapped up in a book. I might try and start going to bed a bit earlier to start reading again as I think it would help me sleep at night, and also give my brain a rest from constantly thinking about work/social media/worrying about everything and anything. Let me know some book recommendations, nothing too dark/scary, but let me know and I'll hopefully start reading more!

Pamper: I love a good pamper; a bath with a lush smelling bath bomb, a good old exfoliating, a hair mask and just sitting back and relaxing. I find it hard to just sit and relax so I'll pop on my iPad and catch up with YouTube or watch Netflix, I guess this could also be a good time to read? Though knowing me I'd probably drop the book in the bath haha!

Go For A Walk: Okay totally hear me out on this one, but I swear that going for a walk is one of the best things you can do when your head is buzzing and you can't relax. Having a dog, means you have to go out every day and walk, and when it's a nice sunny clear day, I love walking Frank. I put my phone away, and I just concentrate on our walk. It's a great way to clear out the cobwebs, and just disconnect. It may seem a bit eager, but you know, a walks a walk right? I'm not saying let's all do jumping jacks, but trust me, you might actually quite enjoy it. Also exercising is also supposed to be good for making yourself a bit cheerier, it releases endorphins and tbh you always feel pretty good after working out. I have signed myself up to exercise classes that actually sound really fun and I'm going to give them a go and see how I get on with them! But exercising doesn't have to be boring, look up clubercise in your local area as it sounds pretty fun!

Have A Clear Out: Again this is slightly more energetic than my usual relaxing but again hear me out. I swear that a good clear out/tidy always makes my head feel a bit more clearer. Sort out your make up, wardrobe, paperwork and do it in front of one of your fave films, I always find this motivates me a little more and helps me to keep going!

Do Some Colouring: I haven't totally gone mad I promise, but colouring in seems to be this new craze to have swept the nation. I was a bit sceptical but then I actually got one for Christmas and I have to say it is pretty relaxing. You're concentrating on colours, and to keep in the lines so it totally takes your mind of whatever was bothering you before. It's a great way to unwind, to relax and de stress. I have to say, I wasn't sure if this would work butttttt I am now a colouring convert.

Watch Relaxing Videos On YouTube: When I was really nervous about going on my Trek America trip, I started to look up relaxing videos on YouTube. I found some ones that calmed me down and now I always turn to YouTube when I'm feeling incredibly stressed or can't sleep. I came across a bunch of videos called ASMR which is a bit of a funny thing to get your head round, but some of the videos can be incredibly relaxing and send you straight to sleep. This softly spoken make up video is quite good for making you feel tired, and listening to these facts are also good too for listening too before bed.  It seems a bit of a love it or hate it thing and it will either annoy you or relax you, so maybe give them a try. Some of them are a little strange and not up my street but hey everyone's different, but maybe give it a go, if it works and helps you calm down, then that's not a bad thing right?

So there are some ideas for relaxing/de stressing this month, what are you fave ways to unwind?

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