Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone In 2016.

If I were to give anyone advice, and baring in mind that I am no wise old person to give advice, it would be to step out of your comfort zone every now and then. I made a pact with myself in 2014, to do more stuff. I wanted to say yes more and have more adventures. I'd got very well stuck and a little too comfy in my comfort zone. It was too easy to just stop in and turn down invitations, or to say no to something that scared me a little. You think this keeps you happy, but I started to realise that every day you get older and you're not really creating many memories for yourself.

In 2015, I decided to be a bit braver and start to get out of my comfort zone every now and then. Looking back it's one of the best things that I could have done for myself. 2015, is now full of exciting memories that I never thought would happen and that's thanks to being a bit brave now and then. With the new year just starting (who else has got Christmas blues? I miss eating everything and napping every day) it's the perfect time to make some goals for the year ahead. Whilst eating healthier and working out more is usually the top of our lists for about a week, lets think about the ones that we'll stick to for the rest of the year. I'm going to continue to try and get out of my comfort zone every now and then for the next year. I've kinda got myself stuck back into after the cosiness of Christmas but now it's time to step up it a gear and here's some ways to do this too....

1. Say Yes More: whether it's saying yes to little things like going out for lunch with a different colleague or to a new place, to a night out, saying yes to even the little things can seem scary. I try to tell myself that if you don't try something, you don't know. After all, if you try something and you're not a fan then that's okay. But you may just surprise yourself.

2. Travel: They say that travel makes you richer, and I completely agree that going to see different places and cultures can do you the world of good. I've never been a believer in going to the same place time and time again, because there's a big world out there. Now is the time to get looking for holiday inspiration, it'll give you something to look forward to, or maybe even just give you some serious wanderlust. Going on a Trek America trip last year, was easily one of the most scary and exciting things that I've ever done. That was so out of my comfort zone, my comfort zone was a dot compared to this trip. Camping, thousands of miles away from home, with strangers, was just not me at all. I knew I had to go and I was so glad that I did. It may have seemed scary in the months leading up to the trip; 'what if I'm homesick?' 'What if I fall of a cliff and die?' 'What if everyone is horrible?' 'Will I have to research how to fight a bear?'

The answer was no to all of these things and I genuinely surprised myself at how well I did on a totally different trip to normal. Trek has now given me a thirst to travel and see more of the world. It also taught me that I can do anything I literally want, and that Trek America trip will always be one of my best memories of 2015. It's ten days that I'll never ever forget. Talking of Trek America, they've kindly asked me to do a Twitter Q&A with them on Thursday (7th) evening at 7:30pm, I'll be answering any questions that you guys throw at me, so if you're deliberating a trip this year to see the states (do it!) then use the #Trexpert to get involved! I promise you though, that if you do some travelling in 2016, it will definitely be up there in your top moments of the year. ( If you do miss my Twitter chat, there is always the Trek America Live site where you can chat to fellow trekkers before the trip about any anxieties or questions you may have!)

3. Start Something New: Now is the time to start a fresh, and do some new things. Whether it's to do with your blog/YouTube, or starting a new hobby, activity. You could maybe be looking to start driving, stop putting things off as the beginning of the year is always the perfect way to try something new out, that you may well really enjoy. I'm on the look out for some Pilates classes which may seem totally not scary at all, but for me they seem pretty terrifying. I want to stop saying ' ooh I'd like to try that' and instead actually do it.

4.Don't Worry So Much: Okay this is totally easier said than done, but sometimes it's fear that holds us back from doing stuff. I am so guilty of this, my mind will work itself up with a million worries and what ifs and almost talk myself out of things. Usually, I will say to myself 'why did I worry so much?' One of my personal goals this year is to stop worrying so much and just let things be. What will happen, will happen and to stop trying to please everyone, cause you can't. Not even Nutella pleases everyone so y'know what does that tell you?

5. Do It Together: You don't have to step out of your comfort zone alone. You can do it with your friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, a family member etc... this always makes things less scary and you then create memories together.

6. Take Small Steps: Usually you'll find yourself freaking out if you take one giant leap out of your comfort zone. Take it in small stages, say yes to little things and work yourself up to the big stuff. Just try and get out of the comfort area every now and then, just think of how good you'll feel afterwards.

7. Have Fun: Sometimes I think we can all be a bit guilty of just sitting on our phones waiting for life to hit us in the face. The reality is that usually this doesn't happen, we have to go out there and make things happen. I always think that none of us are getting any younger and you genuinely don't know what is around the corner. Live life, have fun, and do what makes you happy. I used to think that just sitting on the sofa with my dog Frank watching Friends was my happy place, but you can have several happy places, do stuff whilst your young.

Don't forget if you're tempted to go travelling this year with Trek America, to come and join in with my Twitter chat, I'll answer any worries and queries that you may have :)

So there's to some goals for 2016, saying yes more, and trying to see more of the world. What are your goals for 2016, are you stepping out of your comfort zone?

*Post in collaboration with Trek America but all opinions and ideas are my own. I genuinely had the most amazing 10 days away with them last year, and would urgently recommend you to look them up too if you're looking for an exciting adventure this year :)


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