10 Things To Do This Weekend With Your Best Friends...

Lifestyle, Home Decor, Things To Do With Your Best Friend, Valentine's day, Things To Do With Your BFF, Best Friends,  Bloom & Wild, Bloom and wild flowers, Galentines, galentines day

Lifestyle, Home Decor, Things To Do With Your Best Friend, Valentine's day, Things To Do With Your BFF, Best Friends,  Bloom & Wild, Bloom and wild flowers, Galentines, galentines day

This weekend sees Valentine's Day arrive once again, love it or hate it, unfortunately it's happening. To put it bluntly. I've never really been the biggest fan of Valentine's day, I always find it's a little over hyped and you should show the person you love that you love them every day. However I do enjoy having an excuse to do something nice together. Anyway, not only is this weekend Valentine's day, it's also Galentine's Day the day on Saturday the 13th.

Okay I'm totally not making this up, the term was brought to attention by Parks and Recreation where Leslie Knope always threw a party for all her female friends and relatives on February 13th. Valentine's Day isn't always a happy day for everyone, in fact it can make people feel pretty miserable, so having a day to spend with your BFF's sounds pretty spot on. With Galentine's Day seeming to get a little more popular (lets have it as an excuse to just do stuff with our pals) I thought I'd talk about some of my favourite ways to spend time with my BFFs. 

Spa Day: 

I think if I had to choose one day that I absolutely love, it has to be a spa day. There's just something so relaxing about just sitting round in a robe all day. Whether it's getting treatments (though always a winner) or just lounging around the pool, a spa day is the perfect place to catch up and relax. 


 I love, love getting on the train and going somewhere different shopping with my pals. Whether it's to a city or just the next town, there's something a bit more exciting than just going where you normally go. I love Birmingham for shopping, though you have to spend a vast amount of time in Selfridges playing the game of what would we buy if we were rich right now and then lust over all the make up in the beauty counters. 

Big Night Out: 

A girls night out, is definitely one of the most fun things you can do with your friends (well imo.) Usually they provide much entertainment for days after and most girls night out include a story that you'll still talk about months later. The ultimate girls night is when you all get ready together, then pre drink then go out. You'll help fake tan each other, drink way too much wine pre drinks, dance  around the living room, probably post way too many snapchats, and make friends with other girls in the toilets. One of my favourite girls nights includes this one time, when we went to a club and Arg from Towie was also there, and we thought it would be funny to talk to him and rub his face? It was definitely one of those 'you have to be there' moments but girls nights always usually make me laugh so hard, however the hangover the next day... not so funny.

Lifestyle, Home Decor, Things To Do With Your Best Friend, Valentine's day, Things To Do With Your BFF, Best Friends,  Bloom & Wild, Bloom and wild flowers, Galentines, galentines day

Going For Dinner: 

Nights out don't happen too often anymore, none of me and my closet friends can hack the hangovers anymore so usually dinner is our preferred choice when meeting up. The other night I went to Nando's with one of my oldest friends who I've not seen in ages and we chatted for almost three hours and it was so nice to just catch up and talk about old times. 

Go For Brunch: 

This is one my pals Sarah's fave things to do, going for brunch and a catch up. Lets be honest that brunch is the best meal of the day, going for pancakes and spending time with your favourites? Seems like a pretty perfect way to spend the weekend. The Diner, The Breakfast Club or Hickory's are some of my fave places for Brunch! 

Chilled Night In: 

Something a little cheaper, is having everyone round for a chill movie night. Open some wine, order a takeaway and have a good gossip from the comfort of your sofa. I love these kind of nights cause they're a lot more relaxed and you can even wear your pjs. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

Do Fitness Classes Together:

 Okay totally hear me out, but recently I've found going to fitness classes pretty fun, and it's so much better going with someone else. You can laugh together at how stupid you all look and moan about the woman in front who wouldn't move forward and almost poked your eye out with her glow stick (yes that is something that almost happened in my fitness class last week!) You'll both feel better for being motivated and well you can always go for cake afterwards, I mean after all you have earned it. I'd recommend going for something fun like Clubercise, dance, zumba, or maybe even Pilates. 

Go On A Road Trip: 

Decide on a road trip and pack all your fave snacks and songs and away you go. I love a road trip, and there's nothing better than gossiping and laughing whilst blasting out all your fave songs. Maybe take a trip to the nearest beach, and just enjoy spending time together. 

Go For Afternoon Tea: 

Grab a voucher from Groupon, or book to go to your fave place for Afternoon Tea, dress up and pretend your in Gossip Girl and enjoy all the little sandwiches and scones. Always a firm fave but this is a great way to spend Galentine's day with someone like your Mum or your Nan. 

Grab A Mani/Pedi: 

What's better than treating yourself to pampering than treating yourself with your bff in tow? Grab a mani/pedi and get lunch afterwards, Sarah whole heatedly recommends Cheeky as a good salon for mani/pedis and she's a tough critic so it must be good!

So what am I doing for Galentine's Day? I'm actually spending the day with my Mum and Sister as we're going to try on wedding dresses for the first time, well I'm going to try dresses on, not all three of us, but you know we could if we wanted. I think that's a pretty epic way to spend Galentine's day and maybe we'll go for a girlie lunch afterwards! 

I've been working with Bloom & Wild on this post to celebrate Galentine's Day, if you want to treat your BFF/Mum/Sister this Galentine's day then why not treat them to a bouquet of Flowers. This is the Lizzie bouquet which is so pretty and you can find it here. Use the code corrieblooms for 15% off your first order.  I'm also doing a giveaway, to win a subscription of three months worth of flowers with Bloom & Wild, enter down below and maybe you could surprise your BFF with a thoughtful prize or y'know keep them for yourself. 

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What will you be doing for Galentine's Day and you totally have to celebrate it now btw ;) 

* Post & giveaway sponsored by Bloom & Wild but all thoughts and opinions are my own :) 


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