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Being a blogger is slightly different to what it used to be back in the day. Totally gonna sound like a grandma now, but back in my day, you just blogged. You literally wrote about whatever your heart desired (well it was kinda stuck in the genre you'd picked for your blog) and you just put it live, there and then. These days, blogs are a whole different ball game. Blogs are like online magazines, in fact more and more magazines are in decline because of things like blogs. We all have this little place on the internet that we call ours, but it seems even more than ever that the pressure is on.

First things first, always remember that even if blogging is your job, to not pressure yourself too much. It can be hard motivating yourself to blog, never mind blog whilst juggling 100 other things, so get off the big pressure train right now. However, if you do maybe want to gain some blogging tips, or just enjoy reading these kind of posts (which I certainly do) then I thought I'd compile a list of my fave posts, articles and websites/blogs to turn to for blogging help.

I hope you find them as useful as I do, and well I hope you don't mind but I've included a few of my own posts too that I felt could fit in, I promise I am not too much of a Sir Brags A Lot.

Blogging Advice: 

Blogging 10 Minute Manifesto: Dinner With Maddie 
How To Successfully Set And Achieve Goals : Wonder Forest 
5 Things To Do When You Run Out Of Ideas For Your Blog 
How To Improve Your Blog In 30 Days - A Girl Obsessed 
5 Ways To Treat Your Blog More Like A Business : A Beautiful Mess 
How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level: Thirteen Thoughts 
Useful Apps For Blogging 
4 Simple Ways To Write Interesting Content For Your Blog : Pink Pot 
How To Write A Killer About Me: The Nectar Collective 

Photography Help : 

Getting The Most Out Of Your DSLR: Zoe Newlove
A Complete Guide For Styling Photos For Your Instagram & Blog:PinkPot
In Depth Photography Tips For Your Blog: Britton Loves 
5 Steps For The Perfect Flat Lay: Katina Lindaa
Optimise Your Blog Photos: No21 
Photography Tips... Continued: Kate La Vie 
5 Ways To Improve Blog Photos In Winter: Make Up Savvy 

Blog Post Ideas: 

100 Beauty Blog Post Ideas: The Make Up Directory 
50 Blog Post Ideas To Kick Off 2016: Leanne Marie 
50 More Blog Post Ideas: A Girl Obsessed 

Social Media & Instagram:

Ways To Get More Followers 
How To Take Better Photos For Your Instagram
Step Up Your Instagram Game With These 8 Guides: Bloglovin
How To Rock Social Media: Harriet Rose
How To Grow Your Blog With Pinterest: British Beauty Addict 


8 Free Fonts You Need In Your Life 
How I Make My Collages: A Yellow Brick Blog 
10 Gorgeous Script Fonts: Pink Pot 
A Beginners Guide To Photoshop: From Roses 

Helpful Blogs: 

A Girl Obsessed 
Sunday Chapter
Wonder Forest 
The Nectar Collective 
Jen Carrington
Media Marmalade
Coco Chic Blog 

Do you have any fave sites/posts for blogging help?

BTW The blog planner from the photo is from here....


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