Things To Do When You Feel Rubbish

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We all have days where we don't feel our best. I feel like I've had a week of not feeling great. Not physically, I feel fine, I feel well but my head is all over the place. I'm grumpy, but not grumpy, I'm unmotivated, uninspired, tired, restless, just blehhhhhh. There's a few reasons why I feel like this, one was it was that joyous time of the month, which always makes me feel a bit weird, but some other things are making me feel a bit stressy, then add it all together and voila, you have one crappy mood.

I think it's hard when you feel like this, because you don't want to do anything. You don't want to work, you don't want to do anything, but you can hardly call your boss and be like 'I'm not coming in today because I don't want to.' I'm lucky that I work from home, but that also makes it very easy for me to just slack off and catch up with numerous episodes of Towie in the afternoon. I feel like I am coming out of this mood, and well I thought for future reference to write down all the things that have been making me feel better, and perhaps if you feel like this right now too, then hopefully this will make you feel better too.

Have A Break: 

If you're feeling bleh about blogging, or YouTube or whatever, try and have a break. This is kind of hard if it's your job, but on your days off, try to not think about it. Put your laptop down and have a break. I always feel that because I work on my blog full time, I don't deserve time off. I am lucky enough to do this full time so I should always be working. The thing is, just because I do a job I enjoy and work from home, doesn't mean that I'm not entitled to breaks and holidays like everyone else is. I didn't post a blog post last week, because I just couldn't get my act together, and that's okay.

We're all allowed to have off days, or off weeks and just accepting it and not feeling guilty for it is a great first step in making yourself feel better. I sometimes think I need a day to just relax for my mental health, if we have a cold, or a sickness bug, we have the day off and just laze around so if you feel down, or anxious why you shouldn't you do the same? I've been incredibly stressed recently, so having a bit of down time doesn't make me lazy, it means I'm trying to look out for myself. Your health always comes first over anything else, a job, a hobby, whatever, if something isn't making you feel good, have a break. Get away for a couple of days, lock your laptop away, don't go on the internet for 24 hours, etc... On Friday afternoon, I admitted defeat and sat and watched netflix and painted my nails. It was great, and I felt so much better for it.

Create A Playlist Of Songs You Love: 

I love making playlists, you know the person who must create the playlists on Spotify? I'd like that job. I tend to have a playlist full of songs that I love and help me to feel better. It just helps to blast this really loud and I usually find it makes me feel so much happier and ready to get on with everything. I always find that music really helps me in difficult situations, so maybe creating a playlist to listen to when you're stressed/angry/anxious could really help. Here is my 'bad day' playlist if you wanted to know what I listen to when I'm having a bad day haha.

Have Some Me Time: 

The other night, I ran a bath and watched PLL. It was great, I turned all the lights off, lit some candles, used a bath bomb and had a really good chill. I'm a big believer that baths tend to solve most things and always make me feel better. Take some timeout for you, you deserve it. Whether it's having a bath, doing your nails, going for a massage, going to bed early, having a lie in, reading your book, etc... do it!

Doing Exercise: 

Okay hear me out with this one, but recently I've been really enjoying going to fitness classes. I go to three a week and I love them. They get me out of the house, I get to meet new people and I work out. I always look forward to them and although I was feeling like shit last week, I made myself go and I felt so much better for going to them. Maybe try and find a class in your area that is non committal that sounds fun. Pretty much everywhere does Zumba, or something like that and it might be worth a try. You're concentrating on exercising not what is stressing you out and you can get out all your anger/stress out! Even just going for a walk can do you the world of good. I always find that being stuck in the house never helps me when I'm in a bad mood.

Talk About It: 

If something is really bugging you, or you just feel rubbish sometimes just talking to people can help. I always find that talking to my Mum or my friends always helps me to feel better and get things off my chest. If I'm having a rant about something, it can make you feel so much better to hear someone else's perspective and it helps you  to feel you feel better about the situation and help it stop affecting  your mood. I know that not everyone has people in their life who are supportive, so maybe writing down what is worrying you or stressing you out and then re reading it and then ripping it up can be quite cathartic too. Sometimes I'll write stuff down and think 'oh god I sound ridiculous' and it makes me feel better.

Doing Something Productive: 

Although sometimes when I'm in a bad mood, it seems the only answer is lying on the sofa with chocolate and Netflix. I usually feel about 100 times better once I've done something productive. I usually realise that if I'm doing something like cleaning, or sorting out my wardrobe, I'm not thinking about how I'm in a bad mood, and then usually I feel like I've accomplished something which then makes my mood better! Last week, I found having a good tidy/clean made me feel so much better, of course not everyone feels better after cleaning, but I always tend to find I have a much more clearer head space from having a good tidy/clear out! Some things you could do are; cleaning the whole house, sorting out your wardrobe, pairing socks, sorting out paperwork, clearing out emails, cleaning make up brushes, etc... you know that job you've been putting off!

Always remember that these phases never seem to last, I've learnt as I've gotten older that it's so important to take care of not only yourself physically but also mentally. I try to not let myself get so worked up about things or if I don't feel great, I will allow myself to have a break. Don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve these things or that you shouldn't ever feel rubbish because we all do now and then. Don't let anyone tell you that your problems or stresses aren't valid, yes things could always be worse, but then things could always be better. Our achievements are a drop in the ocean compared to some peoples but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't celebrate them, and that's the same thing for when you're upset about something. Everyone deals with stuff in different ways, and you have to remember that. If you are feeling bleh at the moment, I hope that it passes for you too, I am going to keep going at my own pace this week, we're going away this weekend which I'm really looking forward to and I'm hoping that will get me feeling like my normal self :)

What do you do when you feel rubbish?


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