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Something that makes me pinch myself quite regularly when I blog is the fact that some of my favourite, favourite, favourite make up brands send me new releases to review for my blog. It's a bit like Christmas when it happens. No scrap that, it's better than Christmas when this happens. However, I've always been a little on the fence whether to show you guys like straight up 'this is what I've been sent.'  I think things have died down a bit, but there used to be a bit of a backlash about this kinda thing. You know bloggers were seen as bragging, or that kinda thing, but I think we're all grown up enough to know that this is how blogging works, and I think you should all hopefully know me well enough to know that 1. I'm not bragging 2. I don't blog just for freebies. After all, some of these brands have just started working with me and this is after almost six years of blogging!

So I decided to bite the bullet and to start doing videos and posts about new releases every now and then. Personally I love these kind of videos as I am a bit nosey but I also love finding out about new beauty releases too. So yesterday I popped up a video about some new releases that I have received.

I hope you like the video and enjoy seeing some new things that should be in shops soon, if they're not already! Also I'll be doing a more in depth posts/videos about some of the products with swatches and what not so don't worry if there's something you'd like to see more of!

Also in case you didn't know, I do make YouTube videos as well as blog, and I tend to make 1/2 videos a week (depending on my workload haha) so please subscribe if you haven't already! I really want to try and hit 38,000 subscribers soon, so hitting the subscribe button would mean the world to me!

Anyway, hope you like the video and I'm gonna go now, hope you're all having a great Monday! Two posts from me today *almost falls off my chair*

Have a lovely evening!


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