Wedding Planning Problems

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Wedding planning is fun... till you get engaged. After trying to plan our wedding for almost four months, I'm finding it quite stressful. So far, we have almost found our perfect venue (just a few more things to work out) and we're kind of working out what we want. But it's been a struggle, realising how much everything costs, family politics and more... so today to brighten things up and to almost laugh at wedding planning... here's a GIF post for all fellow brides and grooms planning their big day. 

When you first get engaged and you see someone who you haven't seen since before you got engaged. 

When people want to look at your ring... 

When people ask for your engagement story.

You start pinning on your wedding Pinterest board like a crazy mofo. 

Then you start working out just how much everything costs....

When you realise how much there is to a wedding 'why wasn't I taught this in school?' 

Trying to decide on a theme. 

The politics of working out your guest list is insane. 'Why do I have to invite xyz, pay for them to drink and eat, when they can't even be arsed to write on my Facebook wall when it's my birthday?'

When people assume their next door neighbours wife is invited (you get my drift) ... erm who's paying for this? 

Seriously contemplating eloping abroad.

Getting way too excited over Pinterest and annoying you fiance with constant notifications with you pinning to your joint board.

Realising that your budget doesn't cover your Pinterest themed wedding, ' WHY WASN'T I BORN A KARDASHIAN.'

Definitely enjoying the coffee and biscuits at every venue you go to see. 'Another biscuit? Well if you insist.'

Trying on wedding dresses for the first time. 

Then you're like... 


Feeling frustrated when something isn't right, or in your budget. 

However when you find the perfect venue/supplier... 

Starting the countdown till your big day... 

What have you learnt since planning your wedding? 


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