The Nail Polish That Actually Lasts

Beauty, Nails, Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Range, Drugstore,

Beauty, Nails, Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Range, Drugstore,

One thing you will never see me without is nail polish. Yes that may sound a little strange, but to me having bare nails is as weird as going out without your knickers on. But as much as I see wearing nail polish as an essential for me, I hate one; how long it takes to dry, and two: I hate when my nails chip. I will try to paint my nails the least amount of times that I can during the week, because you know I am a busy woman who hasn't got time to faffing around waiting for my nails to dry. Recently, I have been on a hunt to find nail polish that actually lasts on your nails, rather than basically chipping as soon as you look at your nails. And drum roll... I think I have found one. 

Gel nails have always intrigued me, but with a wedding, house and Volvo to save for (just kidding I'm not grown up enough yet to save for a Volvo) I can't really justify paying money to get my nails done. Though as lovely as that would be. But I love the idea of gel nails, the fact they last longer, which would mean less time painting my nails and no unsightly chips. However, I feel I have found the next best thing. 

Beauty, Nails, Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Range, Drugstore,

I have recently been trying the new Miracle Gel range from Sally Hansen, which I had high hopes for. I love, love, love, Sally Hansen top coats, their non chip top coat is one of the best I have used. So when this range arrived on my doorstep, I couldn't wait to give it a try. 

(I'm going to give you a spoiler alert right now, just like the Daily Mail does the morning after your favourite show airs in the US and it hasn't aired here yet,  and tell you that I really like this range. )

So although this is basically the same as a salon gel manicure, but without having to leave your home and not having to use the gel light, it's incredibly easy to use. Even for someone like me who is a bit of a doughnut when it comes to painting my nails ( I usually will end up painting the majority of my fingers as well as nails.) 

You paint your nails with two coats of your colour of choice ( I'm a big fan of Pink Cadillacquer and All Chalked Up) and then apply the Miracle Gel 2x Top Coat which helps to plump and add shine to your nails. Then just the natural light around you,  cures your nail polish and top coat together giving you a glossier longer lasting nail. The nail polish also dries really quickly. I was a little worried that because the top coat gives your nails a thick glossy effect, it might take ages to dry but it didn't at all, so that really impressed me. 

Red Eye

Pink Cadillaquer

Buffalo Nickel 

All Chalked Up 

Beauty, Nails, Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Range, Drugstore,  swatches

I think there's over 45 shades to choose from within the range and they're £7.99 each. The brush from the nail polish is really nice and wide which I usually find makes painting your nails much easier (it's a lot harder to go wrong haha.) I've never had a gel manicure myself so I can't compare it identically, but I felt like my nails felt shinier (if that makes sense) and more plump than normal. I felt like my nail polish kept it's shine a lot longer than usual nail polishes that I use. 

Beauty, Nails, Sally Hansen, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Range, Drugstore,

So how long did it actually last? That was what I was most interested in. With claims that the Miracle Gel range can last up to 14 days, it sounds pretty perfect. My nails lasted a good five/six days without chipping and during this time; I cleaned, washed up, walked frank several times, typed, peeled stickers off things, and they stayed pretty much in tact. On my right hand, the tip of my middle finger slightly chipped but everything else stayed pretty much perfect. I thought that was pretty impressive when usually I only get about 1/2 days before my nails start to chip after daily wear and tear with other brands. It also comes off super easy too, just like normal nail polish so no having to go back to a salon to have it soaked off like you do with gel nails. 

So I think I will be adding some more colours to my Miracle Gel collection soon, as I am seriously impressed with how long my nails lasted chip free and how they looked shiny/plump like I'd just been for a manicure rather than doing my nails myself on the sofa watching Geordie Shore. 

So have you tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel range? 

*This post was sponsored by Sally Hansen but all thoughts and opinions are my own and are 100% honest. For more information visit my disclaimer here

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