My Thoughts On The New Benefit Brow Collection

Beauty, Benefit, Benefit Cosmetics, Benefit Brow Range, Eyebrows, Brows, Make Up,

Beauty, Benefit, Benefit Cosmetics, Benefit Brow Range, Eyebrows, Brows, Make Up,

I've never really got the whole obsession with brows thing. Maybe it's cause I've never really had good brows or known how to make them 'on fleek.' I don't even really know what that means, so how would I know how to do it? Growing up, I had monster brows, you could have stood me next to Charlie from Busted and not known who was who. I'm obviously joking cause he's about a foot taller than me, but brow wise, we were on the same level. My Mum would never let me do the early 00's beauty trend of tweezing my brows into two lines like little tadpoles, which at the time I thought was so selfish of her. Now I realise she was right, that was not a good look and thankfully for all involved brows are back in fashion.

Beauty, Benefit, Benefit Cosmetics, Benefit Brow Range, Eyebrows, Brows, Make Up,

I've never been good at shaping brows or filling them in, after I tweezed them about two miles apart from each other in 2008, I've left it to professionals and every 6-12 weeks (depending on how lazy I'm being and if I mind looking like Charlie) I get them threaded. I find this lasts the longest, gets me a more polished look, and is better in my opinion than waxing. But every day, I'd take an angled brush and make them look a little less patchy. I'd started to envy girls with either amazing full brows (hey Lucy Hale) or polished brows (hey every girl on Instagram) and wonder where I was going wrong. It was probably my heavy hand with the brow pencil (hey you look like Blanca from OITNB) and my laziness in-between brow appointments.

But low and behold, I have had a brow revelation. For the first time like ever, my brows are the best thing about my face, and it's down to two reasons. One, the brow lady I go to did a really good job of threading them and two: THE NEW BENEFIT BROW RANGE IS AMAZING. Okay sorry for shouting, but seriously, this range is the bees knees. Might give Benefit my first born child in return for creating brow products that make my brows look ON FLEEK (WHATEVER THAT MEANS.)

Beauty, Benefit, Benefit Cosmetics, Benefit Brow Range, Eyebrows, Brows, Make Up,

I was one of those really lucky bloggers who received a suitcase of all the new relaunched Benefit brow products. The new silver packaging is right up my street and for a few weeks now I've been trying a different product every day. Some of them are so so, the 3D Brow Tones doesn't really do much imo, and the Ka-Brow Gel Cream I feel is quite difficult to use if you're heavy handed (like I am) but there are a few gems that omg. Could possibly be my favourite ever brow products I've ever used. (Falls off chair in shock.)

Beauty, Benefit, Benefit Cosmetics, Benefit Brow Range, Eyebrows, Brows, Make Up,

So I have found that the Goof Proof Brow Pencil is literally goof proof even for me. Cause I'd definitely call myself a brow goof. I mean what a great word. Goof goof goof. It's got this angled nib which makes filling in your eyebrows ridiculously easy. I can create an arch, I can make the front of my brow look all polished. So easy! I have the shade 4 and I love it. The other side of the pencil has a spooly brush which means you can brush out any mistakes and make the pencil look really natural. I also like the precisely my brow pencil which is so good for adding shape so delicately. It doesn't matter if you have a heavy hand cause you literally can't go wrong. I then will set my brows using the Gimme Brow gel, which I loved before the rebrand but love just as much now. This sets my brows in place and they'll stay pretty perfect all day. They last a full day, they last through sweaty workouts, they even lasted in a torrential downpour. I have tested all these situations out so don't tell me I don't ever do anything for you.

I also really like high glow brow highlighter pencil, I put this on my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye. It's super creamy, blendable and just lifts my brow a bit.

I have to say that I'm digging my brows right now, it's so easy to create a polished brow with these products. I am so impressed and thank you Benefit for giving me the brows that I knew I had hidden in there somewhere!

Also don't the products just look so pretty?

Have you tried any of the Benefit Brow range?

*Second question for a gold star, was Charlie your fave member of Busted?

** All products are PR Samples but opinions are 100% honest as always.


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