So That Was July.

Hello. How are you? It's currently Sunday afternoon, but you'll probably be reading this tomorrow aka Monday, but I'm sitting on the sofa trying to muster some energy to get up and pack but honestly, I just wanna nap. I've not been sleeping well this past week, and it's catching up with me, maybe I'll nap then pack? 

Anyway, I thought I'd just sit down and give you a little update, cause it's August tomorrow (well now for you) which is insane. Seriously this year needs to slow the eff down, as much as I love Christmas, it'll soon be here and that is kinda scary. Though yesterday I had a huge make up clear out and I found all my wine coloured lipsticks and nail polishes and I got all excited for Autumn. 

So what's been going on? Tbh not a lot really. I went to London for a couple of days at the beginning of July, which was nice but seems a long time ago now. We also finally had some nice weather, which was amazing but it's gone back to being grey, cloudy and rainy so that's not the best, but at least I'm not feeling like I have to be out enjoying the sunshine rather than doing stuff in the house. I always get weather guilt when it's nice outside so it makes being productive hard haha. 

As I've mentioned before, we bought a house back in May. Earlier this month, we hit a road bump and the sale was delayed. I realised why people say that buying a house is stressful as suddenly no one could tell you anything, we were being asked if we wanted to pull out, we didn't know if the seller would stop the sale, no one would reply to messages... It was a nightmare. I had people constantly asking me 'any news?' and I'd be like 'no I'm trying to get some!' Finally, this week we heard when we'd be moving, well our completion date, which is less than two weeks away (omg.) 

I'd always had this feeling that everything would start moving very fast and it has. Suddenly it's like 'oh shit we're moving soon.' But I'm hoping it'll be okay. So yesterday, I cleared out loads of make up, and sorted out beauty samples, I currently have boxes to give out to family members full of beauty bits and some stuff to give to charity. I'm trying to get some energy to start packing the kitchen, you know putting away non essential stuff, but I really cba. I feel like I should be panicking more than what I am, but I feel like we've got plenty of time. I did however just order bubble wrap and packing tape from Amazon so that's progress. 

I may have told you that we want to get a new kitchen for the new house, yesterday we hit up some kitchen places and I'm trying to get some design consultations booked. We pretty much know what we want, but we need to know prices and I don't know if we've been a bit naive in how much everything is going to cost. If you've had a kitchen done, please let me know tips and recommendations! I've been pinning on pinterest like a crazy mofo for house inspiration, I'm excited to decorate the house as it's ours and well if we want green walls (which we won't be having btw) then we can. 

I think I'll breathe a huge sigh of relief once we're in the house. For the past six months, house and money stuff has constantly been in the back of mind, I can't wait to be in our house, and not to have to worry about solicitors and financial advisers anymore. 

I think the stress of the past few months has taken a toll on me, I've not really been sleeping and I've been feeling very anxious and down these past few weeks. It's taken a huge toll on my work productivity and I feel so useless sometimes. I know I need to up my game blogging and YT wise, and I think this week I need to try and get as much done as a I can before the house move takes over. I'm feeling a lot more inspired for my YT channel so that's good, but I am sure that being in the house will hopefully make a great difference to my stress/anxiety levels. But I have also realised this month, that I am incredibly lucky. The little things like having your health and family and having a roof over your head is what matters the most rather than worrying about silly things like how I look, my blog photos, etc... I want to be more positive from this month onwards and I'm excited for our new chapter. 

There isn't much else to tell you I dont' think. We've not done anything else wedding planning wise recently as house stuff has taken over, I'm still working out a lot, and will try and get some fitness videos/posts up soon as a few of you have asked for some. I sometimes feel like I am making out that I am the first person to work out (the joys of having a mind that worries about everything) but tbh I just feel body confident for the first time since I was like 16 and I don't think that's something to be ashamed about. I work hard every single week, so why not show off or talk about it. I'm not some fitness guru but I am extremely proud of what I've achieved this year, and I think why not talk about that? Please let me know if you'd like to see some fitness content, and if so what would you like to see? I'm all ears :) 

As always, I thought I had more to tell you but then I sat down and I actually don't. Lol story of my life. What else have I been loving? I've been rewatching The Hills, I bought the box set from CEX for like £7 and it's the best £7 I've ever spent. I'd forgotten how shady Spencer was and how much I wish flip phones were still around. I read Emma's book Ctrl Alt Delete this month which was a perfect read for a couple of days in the sun. It was hilarious and had some sentences that made me turn over the corner of the page, so I can go back and re read them. A good holiday read if you grew up online and love the internet. The chapters on MSN literally had me laughing out loud and covering my mouth with cringey memories that came flooding back. So good. I've also slowly gotten over my Love Island addiction, so that's a relief for everyone. 

So I think that is it. I'm gonna go now, as I think stuff it, I'm gonna nap. I can pack afterwards and there's not much point till I have the bubblewrap I ordered from Amazon right? Right? 

So that's enough of me, what's new with you? 


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