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Fitness. Working Out. Clean Eating. Detox. Body Goals.

Those are just a few words that we seem to be seeing EVERYWHERE right now. I guess that's the start of a new year for us though. The month where we are basically told that we need to work out and eat healthy by society, which can be a little overwhelming.

However, if like me last year, you decided, yes YOU , decided to make a change, then embarking into fitness can be a bit scary and like a minefield. This time last year, my 'resolutions' had pretty much fallen flat on their face. I think I looked at joining a gym online once, then I gave up and the healthy eating was pretty non existent. However, I wasn't happy and I wanted things to change. If you want to read more about my fitness routine and more about the story of how I got into fitness, you can read that here.

Fitness, Health, Working Out, Wellness, Fitness Advice, Health and Fitness, Fitness Tips, Lifestyle,

But let's stop talking about me. I can understand that it's frustrating trying to be good and healthy, and it can seem like it's never going to happen for you, or you find yourself thinking 'how on earth do people do this?'

Well I thought today, with us almost being in February to write some tips that I found SO helpful when it came to getting into fitness. I hope that you maybe find them useful too. So let's start shall we?

First of all, never ever feel like you have to work out, or cut out stuff if you really don't want to. Something I realised very quickly, is that getting fit and being healthy isn't a quick fix, its a lifestyle choice. But don't let that scare you.

1. Find Exercises You Enjoy:

So you want to start working out but don't know where to start? I feel you. In the past, I've joined gyms to then barely go, or bought workout DVD's to use them once. However what I would say is, try a few different things. Working out doesn't need to be going for a run or to the gym, it can be going for a swim, trying a dance class, going on a walk, literally whatever you fancy. Look up what is in your area and go from there. I found classes to be the best thing for me as I found them really fun. I started by doing Clubbersice, and then went on from there. There are so many fun classes around, and you don't need a membership to go to them either. It's a great way to try different things out.

2. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work:

Okay slightly cheesy title there, but working out with a friend will probably do wonders for your motivational levels. Bring a friend to a class so it's not as daunting going on your own, go to the gym together or have a natter whilst you swim. I used to find that classes weren't too scary if you weren't starting them on your own, or if I knew someone else was expecting me to go, it gave me more of a push to make sure I didn't miss a class.

Fitness, Health, Working Out, Wellness, Fitness Advice, Health and Fitness, Fitness Tips, Lifestyle,

3. Get Some New Work Out Wear:

I don't know about you, but I usually feel more motivated to work out when I've got new gym gear. Treat yourself to something new which will inspire you to work out. Whether it's trainers, a top, or even a new sports bra. I tend to shop at places like USA Pro, Sports Direct, Adidas and Nike for all of my sportswear.

Some of my current faves which are featured in the photos in this post are from USA Pro, so comfy, flattering and don't break the bank either! Find them down below...

4. Find A Routine Which Works For You:

Don't stress yourself out by saying you're going to work out 5 times a week, try by doing one thing a week, or even twice and then build it up. I started with one class a week, then two, then I went up to four. Doing it bit by bit, meant that I built up stamina as I went along and I found this easier than throwing myself in at the deep end to start with. You also have to find out what time of day is best for you to exercise, some people like first thing, some like lunch time and some like myself like going in the evening. Try working out at different times and then stick with which one suits your routine best.

5. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself:

If you miss a class/workout, do not beat yourself up. Allow yourself a rest day/days away from working out and have a cheat day where you eat whatever you want. I tend to have the weekend as my cheat days and then try be good in the week. But don't deny yourself anything or if your body is like ' I just am too tired' then listen to it.

These five tips have really helped me to get into a fitness routine that I enjoy and stick to. I find that the most important thing is to find an exercise that you enjoy, once you have found that, the rest is easy. I'm still working on the healthy eating, but I do believe in the 80/20 balance and to never ever deny myself stuff.

Fitness, Health, Working Out, Wellness, Fitness Advice, Health and Fitness, Fitness Tips, Lifestyle,

I've realised over the past year, that it was silly when I'd go on strict diets restricting myself or try and manically work out to lose weight for a holiday, like I said at the start it's a lifestyle choice not a quick fix. This year, I want to get stronger, to build my muscles and work on my body confidence. I am determined to keep pushing my body and I still surprise myself by how much I enjoy working out these days.

But I hope that these tips have been useful, and please always remember to do stuff for you, only you.

Do you have any top tips for working out/being healthy?

*Also please let me know if there's any other fitness related posts you'd like to see on my blog*

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