Hair Chat: What Dye I Use & How To Dye Your Hair At Home

One of the questions that you guys always ask me about is my hair, and in particular, my hair colour. I’ve always been a huge fan of dying my hair at home, and the majority of the time, I do colour my hair myself. I know that dying your hair at home, may seem scary, but trust me when I say, if I can do it, you can too.

I think the key to home hair dying, is to not do anything too drastic yourself. I always leave that to the professionals, instead I find home dying is perfect for either going a shade or two darker, or just giving your hair a bit of a boost. I also only use semi-permanent dyes too, as that way, it’s not forever and it’s also usually a lot less damaging for your hair than permanent colour.

I am very loyal to brands when it comes to hair dye, one I use regularly is Nice’n Easy which I’ve used for years and years. I find that their products leave you with the most natural result, and their new Colour Enhancer range is a must have. 

I was invited down to London to meet with Nice’n Easy and their colour and style ambassador Michael Douglas (who you may know from The One Show and he’s also Davina McCall’s hairdresser too!) It was an opportunity for me to try the new Colour Enhancer range, as well as learn some top tips for dying your hair at home yourself. I couldn’t wait to post about this, as like I said, so many of you always ask about my hair colour, so today, we have all the deets, the exact colour I use, and some tips too.

So first of all, let’s talk a little about the Nice’n Easy Colour Enhancer range, this is a semi-permanent dye which lasts about 6-8 washes in your hair, there are a lot less harmful chemicals in semi-permanent dye compared to permanent colour, so it’s not as damaging to your locks. It’s perfect for giving your hair a boost in shine and colour, and it’s absolutely perfect for creating a nude look which has been all over the catwalk and red carpet recently. 

Something I always struggle with when choosing a hair colour, is the tones. I’m not really a warm toned kinda person, but then I don’t want it to be too ashy either, the Colour Enhancer range is perfect for this, as some of the colours are neutral meaning you can embrace neutral tones in your hair, which I think is perfect. 

Seeing as a rich dark brown is my hair colour of choice, Michael used the shades 77 Medium Ash Brown on the roots and 73 Medium Ash Blonde on the tips. Whilst the blonde shade wouldn’t lighten my hair, Michael said it would give my ends a little more of a tone, as they’d currently faded from the last time I’d dyed my hair. He started by applying the colour to my roots, and then left this for about 6-7 minutes, then he added the lighter colour to my ends and left this for another 10 minutes. Then it was washed out and I was ready to go. 

The result has left me with a rich dark brown colour, and I can’t believe how shiny my hair is. After the cold months of winter, my hair was looking a bit bleh, but I can’t believe how much the Colour Enhancers have boosted my hair in just 20 minutes. 

Look at that shine!

The whole process was incredibly easy, there was no mixing needed, and the range is designed with easiness in mind, as it even comes with a cap, so if you’re dying your hair all one colour, you can pop this on to ensure things are kept as neat and tidy as possible (and save you ruining too many towels/your bathroom tiles!)

So here are some tips I picked up from Michael: 

1. Choosing A Shade Is So Important: 

It’s so important to take into account tones when choosing a hair colour. Think about your skin tone, the colour of clothes you wear, your make up, etc, as these all have an effect on your hair colour. The Colour Enhancer range is perfect for this as they are neutral tones meaning you don’t have to worry too much. But Michael did recommend only altering your hair by two shades, to keep the effect natural. 

2. Home Dye Is Just As Good As Salon Dye: 

You may think that salon hair dye, is a lot better quality than home dye. However, Michael revealed that in fact it’s usually exactly the same. He said that the result will probably be better in a salon cause you have someone to do it for you, however he recommend either getting someone to help you dye your hair, or buy two packs (which he recommended to me) to ensure that all of your hair is covered. 

3. Apply To Dry Hair:

Michael said that you should always apply dye to dry hair, as when it’s wet/damp, it can actually dilute the colour. This is something I had never thought about before, but it totally makes sense!

4. Use A Colour Protecting Shampoo To Keep Your Colour Fresh: 

Although the Colour Enhancer range isn’t meant to stick around for ages, to preserve your colour for as long as possible, Michael recommend using shampoos and conditioners that are designed for coloured hair. He said that the three biggest faders for hair dye are; the sun, heat and washing your hair.  So by using colour protect products, you can keep your colour looking fresh for as long as possible. But with the Colour Enhancer range having less chemicals than permanent dye has, it means that you can use this every 4-6 weeks without having to worry about damaging your hair. 

Me with Michael 

I also asked Michael for his top hair tips in general (I had to take up the opportunity of asking a celeb hairdresser for all his secrets!) 

5. Don’t Use Heat On Your Hair When It’s Damp: 

Apparently the worst thing you can do for your hair is to use heat on it when it’s damp. Michael said to always ensure that your hair is 100% dry before using hair tongs or straighteners on it. You’ve heard it here first. 

6. How To Grow Your Hair Long: 

A lot of people always ask me how to grow their hair, and I said to Michael, is it a good idea to just avoid the hairdresser? And he said yes! He said that as long as you keep your hair in good condition, avoiding the hairdresser is the best thing to do if you want to grow your hair. Unless you have very fine hair, he said, that going every few months for a trim should be okay. I’ve always found that using regular hair treatments/masks also helps and to not use heat on your hair every day. 

7. Use Cold Water On Greasy Hair: 

I asked Michael about good shampoos for greasy hair, as my hair gets so greasy these days. He told me that one simple thing I could do, is to use cool water after I’ve rinsed my hair which would help slow down the oil production on the scalp. Something I  definitely am going to start trying! 

So there we have it, some tips on dying your hair at home and the colours I use. 

To show you just how easy it is to dye your hair at home, I’m going to be doing a post in a few weeks time of me dying my hair step by step, so that will be interesting and hopefully helpful for you, if you’ve been looking for some advice for dying your hair at home!

Have you ever dyed your hair yourself, will you be trying the new Nice’n Easy Colour Enhancer range? 

*This is a sponsored post but my opinion is 100% honest as always. For more information, read my disclaimer here


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