How I Dye & Style My Hair At Home

As promised a few weeks ago, I was going to do a post all about how I dye and style my hair at home. And today I’m going to show you exactly how I dye my hair, what I use and how I style it on a regular basis. 

As I mentioned in my last post about my hair colour, I met with celeb hairdresser and Nice’n Easy stylist Michael Douglas (no not the actor before you ask haha) to talk all things hair dye and hair care. As I said in that post, I have been using the Nice’n Easy Colour Enhancer range recently to dye my hair, it’s a semi permanent dye which means it has less chemicals in meaning, it’s not as damaging to your hair. Cause no one has time for damaged locks do they? The colour lasts 6-8 washes, meaning it’s only temporary but is perfect for someone like me, who can get a little bored with their hair colour. 

It’s also a great way to add a bit of a boost to your hair, I always find that semi permanent dye is great for adding lots of shine to your hair, and this dye always helps to make my hair super shiny and soft. It’s perfect for using before a night out, an event, or perhaps when you’re going somewhere when you want your hair to rival Kate Middleton’s. 

Anyways, today as promised is all about the process of colouring and styling my hair, which trust me, if I can do, you can. 

Obviously I use the Nice’n Easy Colour Enhancers to dye my hair *which you’ve probably already guessed by now* anyways so I now buy two boxes of my chosen shade of dye as advised by Michael and he said he recommended for anyone with long hair to do this, just to make sure you cover all of your hair. You can also mix things up by buying another shade of hair dye for the ends or roots, Michael used a lighter shade on my ends which I am going to do myself again today.

So the shades I use are : Medium Ash Brown 77 and Medium Ash Blonde 73 for the ends. Like I mentioned in my last post, it’s all about nude hair right now. If you’ve not heard of nude hair before, it’s basically all about bringing out the neutral tones in your hair, giving you a flawless and natural look. I am all over this as I personally hate it when my hair has too cool/warm tones in it. The Nice’n Easy Colour Enhancer range is a perfect way of achieving the nude hair look but for an absolute bargain (and you can do it at home with ease too!) 

So what I use is, an old towel, the boxes of dye, oh and make sure you do a patch test 48/24 hours before using the dye if you’ve never used it before, to make sure you aren’t allergic to it. 

First of all, once wrapping myself up with an old towel, and making sure my hair is brushed through, I will get the dye out of the box which doesn’t even need mixing (amazing), and put on the gloves provided. 

I will then start to apply the darker brown colour to the roots of my hair, I take my time and apply it as it if was shampoo, and rubbing in gently. I do this bit by bit, till I am sure that I have covered the whole of my head. It takes a bit of practise, but I always think you can never apply too much, so I just take my time, and I use a mirror to check how I’m doing. 

If you have someone at home, you can always get them to check for you too! Or perhaps get them to help ;) 

I then leave this on for about 6/7 minutes. 

Then once the time is up, I will get the lighter colour and start to apply this to the ends of my hair, this is a bit easier to do as I can see myself if it’s covered or not. I will build it up and apply, rub into the hair and apply a little more. 

Again just double checking in a mirror and after having a good feel of my hair, I will leave this to develop for about 10/15 minutes. 

If you’re dying your hair all one colour, you can use the cap provided to make sure that things stay nice and neat. I tend to just try and not move around too much, and then once the time is up, it’s time to hit the shower. 

I rinse out the hair dye till the water has gone clear and then I will go in with the conditioner, that’s within the hair dye box. I always love these conditioners so much, they make your hair so soft, I wish you could buy a bottle of the stuff, as it can’t be just me who thinks that they are 100x better than normal conditioners right? Also when you buy two packs, it’s means you’ve got another conditioner for another time- winner winner! 

I’ll leave this in for a good 5 mins whilst I’m in the shower, and then rinse out. Tbh the longer the better! 

As Michael advised me, I finish rinsing my hair with a splash of cool water which helps the scalp to stop producing so much oil as I have had a right mare with greasy hair at the moment! 

Once then I’m out and it’s ready to dry and style my hair. 

I thought I’d show you how I style my hair usually, so think big curly hair, I don’t do it by blow dry like Michael did for me, cause I genuinely think my arms would give out, but I do use heated rollers. I do however wish I could do as good a job at drying my hair as he did! 

First of all after applying some hair oil, I blow dry my hair, and then I’ll apply the rollers. I tend to use the larger rollers at the roots to add volume, and then use the smaller rollers for the length for a slightly tighter curl. 

I tend to leave these in for about 20 minutes and usually whilst I do my make up, however if I’m going out or have an event, I’ll leave them in for as long as possible! 

I recently bought the Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers as my old ones broke, and I tell you what- they are amazing. Literal hair game changer. 

So once I’ve left the rollers in for a bit, I then take them out and will spray my hair with hair spray to try and hold the curl for as long as possible. Then that’s it, I’m done! 

Hopefully you can see how shiny my hair is and how the Nice’n Easy Colour Enhancer dye has given it a bit of a boost with colour and shine. I don’t use them to dramatically change my hair colour but instead, I use them to help boost my colour and add some shiny-ness. I love how healthy my hair looks after using the dye, and it definitely makes me feel a little like I should be in a hair advert (even if that makes me sound like I am tooting my own trumpet!) 

I hope this has been helpful, but this is how I colour my hair, and style it :) if you have any other questions though, then please just either leave me a comment or tweet :)

So I’d love to know, do you dye your hair at home? Do you have any top tips for at home dying/styling? 

*This post was sponsored by Nice'n Easy, however all opinions are my own and 100% honest as always.

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