11 Thoughts I Have Every Time I Watch Riverdale

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I'm guessing if you're reading this post, you will know full well about Riverdale, the new teen show which it seems, many of us have taken into our hearts. It's like if PLL and Gossip Girl had a baby and if like me, you like something to watch that doesn't really require much thinking, then you'll probably love Riverdale as much as I do. 

Though if you haven't seen it, perhaps you should hop on over to Netflix, as otherwise this post won't make much sense. 

Anyways, last week, I watching Riverdale and I found myself pretty much thinking all of the below things, and I realised I think these things every single week, and well, I've not done a GIF post in a while so...

So let's begin, here's what I think about pretty much every time I watch Riverdale, and let me know if you're as obsessed as I am! 

Friday's being made even better cause they're Riverdale day

Wanting the filter that they apply on Riverdale, applied on your life

Not sure who you have a bigger crush on ; Archie or Veronica

Wanting your whole wardrobe to be the same as Veronica's

Having an urge to go out and buy red hair dye

Thinking it's not possible to swoon over Jughead any more

But still thinking it's crazy that he was Ben from Friends (Ross's son)

Oh and struggling to get your head round the fact that Betty's Mum was Sherri in Gilmore Girls AND Nate's Cougar in Gossip Girl 

Wondering if we'll ever find out who the bleeding heck killed Jason Blossom

Working out whether it would be acceptable to wear cat ears in every day life 

When you realise that the season is almost over 

Yep it's official, I am obsessed with this show.

Do you love Riverdale? Let me know your faves! 

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