Barry M Indigo.

Right Barry M have released new colours for their nail polish range ( screams)

I managed to get my hands on one of the new shades which is Indigo.

It’s a dark bluey/purple colour in the bottle.

Once painted on nails it’s definitely more blue than purple ( in my opinion)

Sorry I am a terrible photographer.

To be honest I LOVE Barry M nail polishes but I’m not keen on this colour. Gonna put it out there it’s not going to be my new favourite. It reminds me alot of other Barry M colour Navy so I don’t really see it as a new colour.

However I am going to keep it on, to see if it grows on me, I’ve had it on since Thursday night now and it has grown slightly on me. It’s a very rich colour which probably will look more fab around Christmas time. Has all the other Barry M qualities though such as hard wearing, glossy and easy to apply.


I will keep trying to get the other new colour though as it wasn’t in any of my local Boots/superdrug’s.

If you like dark nail polishes then definitely get this as it will probably be right up your street 🙂 I’m still in denial that winter is coming so I’m holding onto my pastel polishes as long as poss 🙂

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


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