Barry M Instant Nail Effects.

OMG. I only just found out about this, this very morning. Clearly let my Barry M website stalking skills drop.

Not one to boast but over the past couple of years I have managed to collect most of the Barry M nail polish collection.

I love them. There cheap, hard wearing and such pretty colours. I am hooked.

So whenever Barry M release a new shade, I’m down my local Boots/Superdrug before you can say New Barry M Shade.

Today was the same with the Instant nail effects polish and new shades Indigo and Dusky Mauve.

Instant nail effects is different to your normal polish though. It’s more of a nail art product which I thought was different. From blogs and reviews it claimed to be different each stroke. But with all the hype at the mo with Minx and Wah nails.. I thought let’s give it a go at £3.95.

So first Boots I tried was sold out of all three shades!
Superdrug had no hint of the three new shades at all.
Then last boots all sold out again…. I wondered if maybe they had more in stock so egged on by my boyfriend I asked the shop assistant who kindly opened the Barry M drawer and presented me a Instant Nail effects and Indigo. No sign of dusky Mauve yet though.

So tonight been very excited to try Instant Nail effects so I put it over my almost week old Nude Beige by Models Own… and wow I’m impressed.

With the Nude Beige it almost looks like leopard print.. its quite odd to work with and the more you put on the better. It dries super fast. I don’t know how hard wearing it is but that’s the next task.

But so far…very very impressed.

Sorry about dodgy picture.. only taken on the BB 😉


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