The best day of my life.

Okay so as I’ve said in my little “about me” section.. I LOVE CHERYL COLE. She is my idol. So when I heard she was doing a book signing in London, I wished I could go and thought all the people that would get to meet her and get their books signed would be the luckiest people ever. Little did I know across town my boyfriend was buying us train tickets to go ourselves as an anniversary present. Which he then hid in a copy of Hello magazine which of course had Cheryl on the front. So the news got to us on Thursday night that there were already people camping outside… I was certain even going early hours of the morning we wouldn’t get to meet her. Our train times got earlier and earlier it went from 7am to 6.30 am to finally the earliest train we could get 04.52. Yes that meant getting up at 3am to do my hair and make up… wanted to look nice for Cheryl now didn’t I?! So we arrived at 6.30 am and we were given the number 309 and 310… after hours of waiting in the rain, sitting on an asda bag ( kept the cold from the pavement off your bum) we were told we were going to be able to meet her. At 11.30 am, 5 hours of waiting we finally got inside where we were issued our special Cheryl wristbands… After then of another two hours, she finally arrived 🙂 We waited another two hours, snaking through every single book shelf ( or so it seemed) in Waterstones. Then at about 3.15… it was our turn. I had my book on the right page and I smoothed down my hair. I was confident at first and was like ” Hello!” She said ” Hello… she starts signing… then… ” is that your hair?” ” Er yes..” ” Wow… your hair is fab!! Don’t you ever cut it okay?” ” Errr okay Cheryl.” ( at this point I could hardly stand for shaking….) ” Thank you for coming..” ” aw thank you so much” ” Nice to meet you..” ” Thanks Cheryl bye” and I walked off shaking. Now Cheryl is the woman whose hair I want the most. I wake up every day thinking.. let’s make my hair look like Cheryl’s. And she said mine was fab?! I didn’t stop shaking for a good hour. Nine hours waiting, getting up at 3 am, and being cold all day? So worth it to get told Cheryl Cole likes my hair.


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