The nights are getting colder and darker. Last night the boyf was at work leaving me home alone. Now I should of been productive and cleaned the bathroom or done some uni reading. But did I? Nah. I decided to take some actual proper pictures of my Nail Varnish Collection.

I’m so proud of my collection, whenever someone new comes round, I’m like ” Want to see my nail polish collection?” I’m like a geek. This is my addicition and this is really sad but each and every single colour has a memory for me.

For example one Barry M colour Red Black I think is the name, I won’t wear anymore as I rememeber whenever I wore it bad stuff happened.

Barry M Pink Flamingo takes me back to Summer 2009- the summer I turned legal to drink and the summer was taken up with partying, road trips and meeting my boyfriend.

Models Own Nude Beige reminds me of the best day of my life. Meeting Cheryl Cole.

Models Own Jade Stone reminds me of my holiday this year to Turkey..

Okay you get my drift.. anyways here’s some piccies of my collection, not very interesting but they mean alot to me 🙂

Barry M’s 🙂

My Fave Barry M’s <3
Cheeky bit of China Glaze

Urban Decay Summer of love collection..

Models Own… I need some more of these babies.

Rimmel <3
Finally My favourite Base and Top Coats 🙂