Okay I am a shopaholic.. I will put my hands up and admit it.

This week even though I swore I was going to be good… I kinda haven’t.. well I have but still I was saying I wasn’t going to buy a thing.

In my defence though I did miss out on going to the Topshop student night where I would of got 20% off. I resisted the temptation though. Hope you’re proud.

Now I’ve been applying for jobs lately and I’ve applied for a Christmas Temp job with Benefit. I’ve always wanted to own Benefit make up but I’ve never really been able to afford any, but I thought it was time for that to change so I’ve purchased some Mascara and Thrrrob Blush of ebay. So I’m excited to get them and try them out!

Also today I went into Superdrug ( another place applied) and I managed to FINALLY pick up Barry M’s Dusky Mauve… Yay. It looks like a greige with a purple shimmer… can’t wait to try.

Then I also purchased some Loreal Elvive shampoo and Conditioner, I’m almost out of conditioner and at Buy one get one free it was rude not to. Also it said Cheryl Cole’s favourite shampoo. Always a winner.

Then also more Cheryl related, been fancying dying my hair a reddy colour for aaaggges now.. esp now it’s more wintery, anyways Cheryl has done this and with the first pics of her new red hair today and exactly what dye to use, I’ve decided to go for it. Gone for Loreal Casting Maghony which is apprantly the one Cheryl used which is a dark reddy/brown so not completley bright red! Will see how Cheryl’s looks tomorrow night though then maybe go for it.

Thought I’d blog about my little spree’s this week. Also still waiting for my ASOS parcel was supposed to be here today. Grrr hopefully tomorrow eh.

Will take piccies and reviews sooooon 🙂


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