To Dye Or Not To Dye….

I am a HUGE Cheryl Cole fan. She’s my idol and as many of you will know she has lately dyed her hair a dark red colour which is gorgeous!

Now I know this will sound like I’m copying her, but I have been itching to add a bit of red in my hair for aggggesss. I was so close to doing it last winter but kept chickening out and buying dark brown hair dye instead which almost every time turned my hair black. Not good.. alot of fake tan was needed.

Now that Cheryl’s taken the plunge and it’s almost halloween… ( where has this year gone?!) I thought maybe I’d finally go red.

Now I don’t want to go bright red, I quite fancy a deep warm brown with reddy tones which in some lights Cheryl’s looks like and in others it looks very bright!

I read online on several articles that Cheryl used L’oreal’s Casting Creme Gloss Mahogany shade number 550.

So I went and bought it, as it’s only a semi permanemnet dye and looks like a warm brown with mahogany tones… but now I’ve bought it… I keep chickening out..

What if it goes really really red? Will it look like I’m copying Cheryl? I keep thinking I should just do it and if I don’t like it always get a brown dye..

Hmmm I might see how Cheryl’s hair is looking tonight on Xfactor then decide 🙂

Sorry for the waffle.


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