Lady In Red

Right you all know I LOVE Cheryl Cole and since she dyed her hair red it’s given me a little to push to do it myself…

I explain how I wanted red hair before Chez in my other post…

But I tried dying my hair about 3 weeks ago and it went a reddy brown, to be honest I washed it off after 15 mins cause it looked too bright!

3 weeks later I was back to boring brown, so I went and bought L’oreals Casting Creme Gloss in Mahogany 550 again which is supposed to be Cheryl’s actual hair colour.

Anyways this time I left it on for the whole 20 minutes and it’s made a difference, it’s a warm reddy brown and in the light is pretty red.

I doubt it will stay like that for long though as red hair fades sooo fast.. anyways here’s some pics 🙂

P.S do you know how blimmin hard it is to capture your hair colour on camera?!

This is how it looks in normal light.. a reddy brown 🙂