October Favourites

I cannot believe it is November already!! This year for me has gone so so quickly, Christmas is just over a month away! Crazy.. I need to start Christmas shopping pronto.

I thought I’d do a little post on my favourite things from the month of October. I’m supposed to be doing uni work, but this is way more interesting 🙂

Red Hair.

Image from OK! Magazine website.

This isn’t the first flirt with red hair I’ve had, for some reason when I was 13/14 I was desperate to have red hair, Mum would never let me go permanent just semi permanent dyes which were supposed to last six weeks ( but they never did). I used to always say ” Muuuummmm I want red hair forever, why can’t I go permanent?” Thankfully she didn’t let me cause I soon went off the idea, throughout the years I tried dark brown hair, plum, light brown and now I’m back to red. Yeah okay I love it cause Cheryl’s got red hair now, but it’s such a warm colour for winter, this month I am determined to go redder, I want Cheryl’s shade.

Experimenting with Blusher.

I’ve always been a bit of a scardey cat with blusher, I’ve always stuck to pink. Nothing too shocking, nothing too bright, I have a fear of looking like a clown and there was this girl at my college who wore waaaaay too much blusher and we aptly named her ” Blusher Girl” I never want to be called ” Blusher Girl”. People always said pink blusher looked nice on me, but then I saw some blog posts about Me,Me,Me’s blush in a box and I decided to go and go against my pink tradition and purchase Bronze and Rouge. I love them both, rouge is fab and really flattering for my skin tone, though sometimes I do turn to the trusty pink,Coral and Baby Pink which are the other shades of Me,Me,Me’s range have been added to my Christmas list 🙂

One Tree Hill.

I never used to watch this show, I knew the characters and I knew Chad Micheal Murray was in it but that was it. My boyfriend is a massive fan and he has all the box sets, since we’ve moved into our flat we’ve found there sometimes isn’t a lot on the telly so we’ve worked our way through the seasons, we’re currently on season 5.I am completely hooked on this show now, I keep having dreams I’m in the show, I always dream I’m Brooke who is my favourite. It’s even taken over my previous favourite show which was Gossip Girl… controversial I know.

Meeting Cheryl.

I won’t bore you don’t worry. But the highlight of October was meeting Cheryl. She said my hair was fab… just in case you didn’t know ;).

Barry M’s new additions.

This month Barry M added three new sparkling nail polishes to there range, these were Dusky Mauve, Indigo and Nail effects. All fab. Barry M can’t do any wrong in my eyes.

Discovering New Make Up Products and Brands.

This month I discovered Benefit, NYX cosmetics and Me,Me,Me 🙂

I’ll tell you what I don’t like:
Missing my family
Dark nights
The weather getting Cold
The stupid amount of uni work I have to do
Not having a job.
Bitchy girls. Grow up we’re not in the playground anymore.