Pink Friday.

Mac have brought out a limited edition Lipstick which new music sensation Nicki Minaj has designed. The lipstick which is only available on Fridays through Mac’s website or Selfridges’ website and you’ll only be able to get it till 17th December.

Image from Google.

I don’t own any Mac lipsticks (shocking I know) and this one has really caught my eye. The pink looks gorgeous and the fact it’s limited edition always makes things more appealing.

I’ve bought a few pink lipsticks in the past which I’ve found haven’t suited me, for example here’s me sporting a Barry M Baby Pink number 100.. which just looked awful on me!

Nice huh?

Anyways I don’t know why but this Pink Friday lipstick has really caught my eye, I don’t know whether to go and order it next Friday.

You see I’m kinda getting a bit bored of my nude lipsticks and sometimes when I put them on, I think I kind of resemble Chloe Mafia. Which is never a good look.

Image from The Mirror Website.

So I don’t know what to do, shall I order or just wait and save my pennies and maybe purchase another Mac lipstick.. I might wait for swatches when peoples lipsticks arrive through their letterbox. 🙂