Sleek 50% Sale Rant.

Image taken from Sleek’s official Facebook page..

When I first heard that Sleek were doing a 50% sale I was so excited! I’m a huge fan of their eyeshadow palettes, they’re amongst the best I’ve ever used, the colours are so pigmented and blend so well together.

Sleek’s prices aren’t what you’d call expensive but everyone loves a bargain right?

The sale officially started on November 11th at 12pm ( Thursday just been) and as I was at uni at that time, I thought I’d get home about 3 and then I’d try then as hopefully the hype would of died down. But boy was I wrong! It took forever for each page to load, I gave up and thought I’d try later as the sale was on till midnight.
I tried a little later on in the evening when the site was even busier! I sat for about 2 hours to put seven.. yes seven items in my basket then I went to the checkout and my bloody laptop shut down to do some updates… I was sooo annoyed, I literally could not be bothered going through another two hours in the same night. Loads of people had been having problems on the Sleek website so they extended the sale for an extra 24 hours. So the next day I thought right it’s now or never, I went on at 1pm and by 3pm I had everything I wanted in my basket and I was at the checkout, by this point my basket had been emptied three times and my boyfriend kept looking at me as if I was mental ” Is it really worth all the effort?” he said. ” Yes it’s half price, I can get good blusher for £2..” he just looked at me and went back to play on Kinect.

So I got to the checkout,I was about to type my card details in, then I get an email from Sleek saying my order had been cancelled! I went onto Twitter where Sleek said to email their web orders address and along as I had a order number which I did have my order should be okay. Well I waited and waited as I thought they would get back to me before midnight so I didn’t have to order again and they didn’t. They said on twitter they will get through all the emails next week sometime. So right now I haven’t a clue whether all those hours were worth it, I don’t know whether Sleek will put through my order as I didn’t get to put my card details in or whether I’ll get the 50% off.

I do feel a bit annoyed that I sat for like 6 hours and then it just got cancelled, I feel a bit mean having a rant cause it was really nice of them to do a 50% sale, I mean I’m sure not many cosmetics companies would do that. But I just think they should of maybe done the 50% sale for different countries at different times because the Sleek website couldn’t cope with the sheer amount of people snapping up bargains.

Shopping online should be stress free right? But seriously that was the most stressful online shopping I’ve ever done!

It’s just a bit annoying not knowing whether my order will go through or not, I do feel mean buttttt I just think that the sale should of been slightly better organised but I spose at least they extended the sale eh.

Right so there’s my sleek rant, I suppose I just ordered some fab things and would be disappointed if I didn’t get them, but I spose I can always put them on my Christmas list.
Did you try battling with the Sleek 50% sale?