Sweet Like Chocolate Part 2

Well well well yesterday I posted about my competition prize from the Cadbury’s Bliss Nails Inc competition. I was a little disappointed with the Vanilla Bliss colour I received as I thought it was quite an odd colour for a nail varnish and would be hard to carry off.

Anyways low and behold I completely forgot that my boyfriend entered too ( I made him, I really wanted these polishes :)) and his (my) prize arrived yesterday afternoon.

And luckily it was the other polish Cocoa Bliss 🙂

Now this is more like it.
This is a rich chocolately colour (funnily enough) with some aspects of silver shimmer, not much though mind you.

It’s a rich, dark colour which reminds me just of chocolate buttons. Lovely.

I was going to paint my nails with this last night but for the past three weeks I’ve sported Barry M’s Mushroom, a Silvery colour by No.7 and Barry M’s Dusky Mauve. I felt I kinda needed to brighten things up. But I will definitely be using it soon as it’s a perfect colour for this time of year.

Remember if either Cocoa Bliss or Vanilla Bliss have caught your eye they’re available to buy from Nails Inc’s website. 🙂

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.