Uggs I think are one of those fashion items that people either love or hate. I love them, and there being my best friends at the moment in this cold snowy weather.

I love the fact they have a good grip, unlike my other boots which would see me fall on my bum if I even saw some ice never mind stepped on some.

I also love that Uggs are so warm and fluffy, okay they can be a bit unfashionable, I’m really struggling at the moment to keep warm and look stylish. This morning I couldn’t face just wearing tights considering how cold it had been the day before.

I also am a bit of a Uggs snob, I don’t like them unless they’re real. Mainly for the fact fake uggs don’t have alot of ankle stability so you always see the ankles all screwed up. I know Uggs are expensive, even with double student discount mine was over £100 but I think it’s money well spent.

Two years later mine are still in pretty good condition. I love the chocolate brown ones but I think that I’d rather save for buying make up/clothes 🙂

Hope you’ve all had a good Tuesday 🙂 <3