Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Winter seems to have arrived with a big bang. Snow before Christmas? What is going on? I feel like where I live is the only place that hasn’t had snow. It’s been blimming freezing though!
I am still cold from walking to and fourth lessons at uni and sitting in cold rooms, surely it wouldn’t take that much to put the heating on?!

I’m currently sitting in my little flat feeling cold, we’ve been lucky in the fact we’ve not needed the heating on yet as our little flat is a heat trap! It was toooooo hot in the summer but perfect now šŸ™‚ and saving money on heating gives me more money for make up and clothes.. hurrah.

Think a warm bath and early night is in order on a cold night tonight… anyways I digress this is a pretty random post, when I should of been doing uni work yesterday ended up taking some pictures (POSER) and I took one which I think shows that my semi permanent red hair is hanging on for dear life!!

I know it’s an odd photo and you can’t see my face or nothing, but you can see how red my hair is still. In real life I don’t think it’s that red but in the sun and with the flash the colour is still very much there. I think this is down to Pantene Colour Care Range.. So deffo recommend it if you want to keep your colour from fading.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, mine was very quiet, I sat and did uni work for most of it.. how exciting eh. I also made a lamb hotpot for the very first time ( yes I know another quote that makes me sound 59 not 19) this was yummy but I don’t think it was as good as my Beef Strogonoff or Beef Casserole. This is funny considering when I went to uni last year I couldn’t even cook chicken. Pathetic eh.

I’ve also been very organised with my Christmas shopping this year, I have all my dad’s presents bought, My sisters, My Mums (almost) practically all my family is done, just the boyfriend now. So I’ve also been a busy bee wrapping as it seemed more fun than uni work.

Ooh and finally a little Sleek 50% sale update… Okay so like three maybe even four weeks later, finally been told my order is successful and it’s been dispatched whoo.
I received an email to pay two weeks ago but then Sleek posted a very confusing note on Facebook which explains everything, after reading it I was sure that I would get a refund as I hadn’t received an email saying my order was successful but then I checked my junk folder and there it was šŸ™‚ So I’m very excited now about receiving it, as I managed to get a fair few things for my money šŸ™‚

Also also last night I had a business brainwave, all products have been ordered, so keep your eyes peeled as I have a idea. It might not work, but it might. Life’s too short to not take risks.

Hope you have a fun Monday night. I’m going to stop this waffle and go warm up/do something productive.

šŸ™‚ <3