Hair Dying- Results..

Okay I dyed my hair today using L’oreal Casting Maple Burgundy Red shade 26. Here’s just a little post to let you know the results and what I thought of the dye!

I’d firstly like to apologise for the photography, I can never quite seem to get the hang of taking photos of my hair, especially when I always dye my hair shades which needs a bright light to show off the full proximity of the colour.

The dye was very messy but then again I don’t think I have used a dye which isn’t messy, last year when I used to dye my hair dark brown, my uni bathroom wall was covered in dark brown streaks which we had to paint over before I left.. wasn’t risking that deposit being taken off me, oh no.

This dye was the colour of jam, I have very long hair and it covered it all and it’s come out really even! Usually my roots go much brighter but this seems to have the same colour all over!

Overall I’m pleased, my hair has turned into a dark rich brown which is cherry red/plum in the light.. I really like it. I do wish it was a bit redder, I will promise to go redder next time, I always say this, then when I buy the dye I chicken out!

My hair is shiny, rich and soft, so I’d definitely recommend this dye, it’s quite cheap as well, I think it’s like £3.50-4.00 mark which isn’t bad!

Hope you’ve all had a nice Monday 🙂
2 Sleeps till my boy is back for Christmas <3