I Miss The Old Cheryl.

Old Cheryl.

New Cheryl.

I miss the old Cheryl. Not that there’s a new Cheryl or anything, but something seems to of happened to her. I’m thinking maybe that pesky mosquito sucked some of her sparkle aswell as her blood?
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Cheryl. She is my idol. Hey I waited nine hours in the rain to meet her for twenty seconds so by no means is this a hate post. I’m just reminiscing.

But as a Cheryl worshipper, lately I’ve noticed something is frankly missing. I miss the big bouncy hair (even if it was extensions), the cute dresses. I do not like the slicked back hair ( why Cheryl why?) Tin foil dresses or Minnie Mouse hair.

Here’s some pictures of Cheryl and the looks I miss.

Let’s hope 2011 brings her sparkle back.