“Is it Boney M that make up you like?”

Yes that’s what my Dad said to me on the phone tonight.. Then when I said “No Barry M” he was like “Barry L?”

Anyways firstly just want to say it’s finally snowing where I live! Feel like we’ve been the only place in the country that hasn’t had snow but we finally have some. Though even though I’m getting excited, I’m hoping uni will get cancelled as I do not want to walk to uni when it’s icy and slippy. I’m clumsy enough without ice, for example both times I’ve broken a bone I broke them by tripping over my own feet. True story. Then there was the time I fell over on sports day in front of the WHOLE school, because I tripped over my own feet. See very very clumsy.

Anyways moving on as that actually has nothing to do with the post I had intended, just a quick one to let you all know that at the moment Boots have a offer on with the Barry M cosmetics that if you spend over £6.00 you get a free limited edition Barry M lipgloss.

Now I needed to get some Barry M bits for Christmas pressies and I’d decided that I wanted to try a new shade of lipstick as I was kinda getting fed up with my nude colours, Barry M lipsticks are relatively inexpensive so if you don’t like them then you’re not really losing that much.

The two limited edition lipgloss’s in my local Boots were LE3 which I picked up which is a bright pink, it matches my Flamingo Pink nails perfectly or a Bright Red. Knowing that I’d probably wear pink more I chose that and it was so bright,pink and reminded me of Barbie so it was a winner.

I’ve not really decided if I like it or not, it’s not as bright in real life so I will give it a go and maybe post some swatches on my lips. But one thing is it smells gorgeous! Well I think it does, it smells fruity and it’s quite strong which is a nice change as I’ve tried many lipglosses which have smelt horrible.

Now onto the lipstick.. I chose shade 147 which is a peachy pink, I thought it looked a pretty colour that’s a different colour for me buuut is still pretty natural and not exactly out there.

I love the colour in the bullet, sometimes I think lipsticks look prettier in their packaging than on me. I think I need someone to tell me what lipsticks shade suit me as I am completely clueless on what colours suit what.

I’m not sure if this suits me, but I will try tomorrow in the daylight and see what I think then.. But I’m proud of myself for stepping away from the nudes.

Here’s a swatch of the gloss and lipstick on my pale pasty hand (seriously let myself go on the tanning front)

So yeah get down to Boots for the limited edition lipgloss, how come those two words “limited edition” make everything so much more exciting?

Hope you’ve all had a nice Wednesday <3