One for Me, One for you…

Is it just me or when you’re Christmas shopping you always end up seeing something for yourself and you tell yourself that it’s okay to buy it because it can be a Christmas present to yourself?

Well I do, it doesn’t happen that often though, it did happen however when I was doing some online Christmas shopping at The Body Shop.

The Body Shop had an offer on that you got 20% of all orders online and in store if you had one of their loyalty cards. I indeed own one of these loyalty cards and I was always offered them in store and I used to think if I want a loyalty card I should have it for free not have to pay for it.

It’s £5.00 and it promotes the fact that you get 10% of every purchase you make in store, you get money off vouchers depending on how many purchases you’ve made and I think there’s something that you get a free gift of the value of £5 when it’s your birthday month.

In the summer I visited my local store, and I was served by this really helpful lady who told me exactly what to buy for my oily horrible skin and there was loads of offers in the store that day (picked the right day to go in obviously) and she managed to get me a Loyalty card and the offers meant that I didn’t end up paying anymore for it, if that makes sense.

Anyways I decided to take up the offer of 20% off as that’s quite a big saving when you think about it and there were some Body Shop goodies I wanted to get for people for Christmas.

Now my skin has been playing havoc again lately, I’m oily, spotty and my pores are so damn big I’m sure you could quite easily hide someone in them and they’d never be found. Really painting a pretty picture here aren’t I?

I use a day cream and facial wash from The Body Shop to try and keep the oil under control but I felt I needed something to use at night that wouldn’t just combat oiliness but spots too.

After reading through reviews I decided to settle on the Tea Tree Night Lotion which RRP at £7.00 is quite expensive but wasn’t too bad at all with the 20% off.

My goodies arrived on Wednesday luckily before the snow all arrived here and it was so exciting ( I am amused by little things)

Unfortunately I can’t show you what I bought exactly as worried that one of the
people who I’ve bought presents for might see this and ruin the surprise and we can’t have that now can we?

I’ve been using the Tea Tree Night lotion for three nights so far and so far so good, I love the smell, it reminds me of being younger and I think Tea Tree is a really clean smell. The lotion I think has made my spots disappear quickly though it stings a little when first applied, but I quite like this cause when it stings you know it’s working. It also leaves your skin super soft, the only thing I’ve noticed is that my nose is a little dry, I’m not really com planing as it’s better than the usual oily mess it is.

I’m going to keep on using this and let you know how I get on, as with any skin care product it can take up to six weeks before you see a real difference.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday evening, I’m excited about Xfactor but not liking these rumours that Cher is singing Cheryl’s Fight for this love… Grr. I could have a rant about Cher Lloyd but I will refrain.