Primark- The Shopping Equivalent Of Marmite.

I know some people hate Primark. My boyfriend can’t stand it, he says it’s too messy and busy, also one of my best friends hates it so much she won’t even step foot in there.

I don’t hate it however. I agree that some Primark stores are a right tip and sometimes if I go in one and it’s too busy I will walk out.

But I do love Primark. I like to go shopping there on my own as I like to look round literally everything cause that way you won’t miss anything.

Sometimes Primark can be full of absolute tat and other times can be full of some amazing things.

Lately I’ve found that there have been some great stuff, especially the knitwear section, in the past few weeks I have bought two cardigans which are lovely and look like something from that would be in Topshop and a cream woolly jumper which is warm and stylish.

I always manage to spend a small fortune in Primark, I try to make it monthly trips so I get it all in one go.

I decided to pop in today to get some last Christmas present bits. I know I sound like a cheapskate but I’m a student and I do believe I have a talent for picking nice things from Primark.

So in today’s mad dash I got quite a few things, I got some odd jewellery bits for friends’ Christmas pressies which I won’t post in case they read. Some bits for my boyfriend, a cardie and jersey dress for me (sssssh) and some make up bits…

But I will show you some the two little bits I picked up from the Make Up range.. 🙂

Firstly here is a primer I picked up, I don’t know if I completely trust Primark make up cause I don’t want to sound like a snob but it just doesn’t seem to be as good quality as other make up buttt I have heard from other blogs that the Primer is meant to be really good.

I picked this up for £3.50 I think… I don’t know if it’s going to be too pale or not for me but I will give it a try and see. On my hand it feels soft and mattifying so hopefully it will be the same once applied to my face.

Secondly now this isn’t for me it’s a present for my Dad’s girlfriend, but I’m thinking I may have to go back and get one myself, this eyebrow kit reminds me of the eyebrow kit in the Benefit collection.

At a much cheaper price though at £3.50, this seems great value.

The kit comes with wax, light and dark brow powder, mini tweezers,mini angled brush and eyebrow stencils.

I thought this was a nice present, it seems pretty good quality and is in such a pretty package!

I’ve been after a eyebrow kit for ages, as my eyebrows always look like Charlie from Busted’s in photos so I think I’m going to have to wrap this up quick before I persuade myself to keep it!

Hope you’re all having a good week! I have no more lessons at uni till January now! So crazy how quick this first term has gone!